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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by simkop123, Aug 29, 2013.

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    Hi everyone,
    its my first time on this forum so please dont mind my noob behaviour (and my bad english). :D
    So next schoolyear i'm going to do multimedia. That means we are gonna use professional graphical software like photoshop and after effects. Now i was thinking about purchasing a macbook pro. I'm not sure which macbook i should purchase for video editing etc.
    So i need to choose between the 13 inch macbook with intel core i7(2.9ghz), 8gb of ram and an sdd drive of 256gb which would cost me 1829 euro or the 15 inch macbook pro retina with intel core i7(2.4ghz), 8gb of ram and also an ssd drive of 256gb but also with an nvidia graphics card which would cost me 2299 euro. Is the 13 inch macbook good enough for professional use or should i invest more for a 15 inch macbook with the nvidia graphics?
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    In video editing you need a machine with lots of CPU power (the more the better) and excellent memory capacity as videos can take up a large chunk.

    That said, Apple's Core i7 offerings should be enough.

    I would push for the Retina if it can make it into your price range. Why? Video real estate and the excellent system response in terms of encoding. Take into account the faster the CPU, the lower the wait times for encoding videos.

    However, bear in mind, that minor speed jumps (2.4GHz v 2.53GHz) are null and you might be better off saving that $.

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