Macbook Pro Late '11 Bootcamp issue

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    My optical drive is broken so I am wishing to install Windows 7 to use with Bootcamp, through a USB.

    I have downloaded the Windows 7 ISO from the Microsoft site and placed it on a USB drive.

    After having modified the script of the Plist of the Bootcamp Assistant, I was successful in creating a partition.

    The Late 2011 Macbook Pro rebooted to the black Windows screen prompting to boot from a device, but could not find the Windows 7 ISO and it's contents (including the Apple software drivers).

    The screen reads, "insert boot device and press any key to continue". The USB drive does not do the trick, and pressing any key on the keyboard does neither.

    Any recommendations?

    Update: I am running 10.11.1 and saw that Windows 7 is no longer supported...has anyone had luck with installing 7 on an up-to-date machine?

    The photo shows the contents of the USB drive that I am trying to boot from.

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    Thank you for the replies. Spent time going over the issue with Apple specialist and have determined that early models like my Early 2011 MBP, do not support external devices (USB, External USB Optical drive) as boot devices when it has an optical drive.

    Practically the only solution would be to repair the optical drive in the computer, though some have managed (if you hold the patience and skill) to work around it at the link below:

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