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    Lately, my MBP 15" 2013 retina has been overheating when I play League of Legends, an issue that has never come up in the past. The fans can't seem to keep up and therefore I constantly play at 20 fps, when before I used to play at a constant 60. One thing I've noticed is that my charger gets really hot. I'll plug it in to my laptop, and within 5 minutes it'll get extremely hot to the point where it hurts to touch. Could this be a factor in my laptop overheating?
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    Check to see if both fans are running. Early last year my MBP was running slow and I couldn't figure out why. I loaded my iStat Dashboard app to see if the CPU was being used by something else, and only one fan was registering activity. The other one had died.
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    As above, make sure fans ARE running properly, AND also make sure the fan cooling passages are 'dirt free' as well _ Just like an Automotive Radiator, if you fill one 'with bugs' the engine overheats when taken up near to the maximum level on a hot day!!
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    Been a owner & user of the 15" MacBook Pro forever; Over the years the 15" has frequently struggled with it`s thermals, especially when an external display is connected as the dGPU switches on as default, internal temperatures soar;
    • Elevate the rear, aluminium passive coolers generally work best (I use RainDesign`s mStand & iLap)
    • Increase base fan RPM to 3K or as much as you are comfortable with (MacsFanControl or SMC Fan Control)
    • Limit the dGPU`s usage with gfxCardStatus
    • Swap out Chrome for Chrome Canary as it`s way more optimised for OS X and will extend battery run time, reduce thermals
    • Swap out VLC for Movist as again it`s a reduced load on CPU/GPU
    • Uninstall or block Flash
    • Powered coolers are very much a "mixed bag" when it comes to Mac portables, you need one that has a high capacity (100 CFM minimum) and preferably a large single fan, this can help to keep the 15" internal fans below 4K which for many is good enough as often it`s this point and beyond where the fans become intrusive. Don't expect a powered cooler impact internal temperatures, beyond a couple of degrees
    • Cleaning the cooling system is also an option, depending on which year, the complexity varies. A good an indication as any is the environment.
    • Replacing the thermal paste has been hit & miss, some with very positive results, some with no improvement over stock. Personally I would only do this on a Mac Portable that was either very old, or one that I can confirm was definitely running hotter than stock.
    The key to a quiet life with a 15" MacBook Pro is several incremental changes that do add up to reduce thermals. From my experience over the years if your going to push a 15" hard the fans are going to max out fast, with associated noise. If your using it with a moderate load life can be made quieter :) For the most part your MBP runs hot as that`s how Apple designed it, the trade of for form over, function, thin & light...

    The old adage still applies; it`s easier to keep a system cool, than cool-down an already hot machine. This being said it`s not strictly necessary, equally it`s nice to know that there are options for reducing temperature out there :apple:

    More on cooling

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    Once you sort your issue, just get a cheap Windows laptop for gaming. I baby my rMBP which may be madness considering the price of them but i enjoy using it.

    I got a decent used Windows laptop, AMD equipped. Very lucky purchase but take your time and look for one. Basically from an old guy that couldn't work the thing out (stuck to a phone/tablet instead) the laptop was months old.

    As i have said many times, Mac for social, browsing etc. Windows for gaming. Heck a Mac heats up playing candy crush...
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    where in iStat Menus can one see if both the fans are registering activity or not ? How to find this in iStat Menus ?

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