Macbook pro - Study, Gaming and play poker! Suggestions?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by labteov, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. labteov macrumors newbie

    Apr 8, 2012
    Hi their..

    I need some advice on buyin a macbook pro.

    Oke what do i need it for?

    Programmin (PHP), Playing poker (Pokerstars, and its need to be able to Play World of Warcraft, and smiliar games.. (most games recuire less graphs then WoW does)

    Should i wait till the refresh? (like max. 2more months) Or get 1 now? And then take the most expensive 15"?

    I can get 20% off @ my work now, so thats like 3-400Euro..

    Can anyone give me an good advice?

    I dont really care about the redesign, altho a 15" air with Pro specs would be awesome.. But if the ivy bridge is really worth waiting for, should i?
  2. LostSoul80 macrumors 68020


    Jan 25, 2009
    The Air would be best for you, in my opinion. You wouldn't take advantage at all of the MBP's horsepower.
  3. labteov thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 8, 2012
    13" is way to low for me.

    And developing PHP on a 13" wouldnt work..
  4. labteov thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 8, 2012
    + it will be my main computer for a while..
    Im buyin a Pro no matter what, but just need some advice on wich 1
  5. Ccrew macrumors 68020

    Feb 28, 2011
    As low on the food chain as you need to get the features you want, which to me sounds like a base 15" because you're only after the screen. Even that's overkill. Why not 13" with an external monitor?
  6. samac92 macrumors 6502a

    Feb 18, 2008
    I program on a 13" MBP with a 24" external monitor. I find it's the best of both worlds, a large screen and the 13" is very portable when I need to take it with me. It's a lot cheaper too, you might want to look into that option.
  7. A7ibaba macrumors regular


    Apr 19, 2012
    My opinion is that is not worth of waiting.Ivy bridge is the same as Sandy Bridge except in 22" nm proces and using tri-gate tehnology which is proved to have same temperature characteristic as previous generation.

    If u planing to use integrated HD4000 then ok, but discrete GPU will probably be better by 15-20%,but i really think we will lose spot for adding second HDD instead of OD and apple will be using integrated onboard SSD.

    This way they got total control over SSD size ($) and exclusive right to exclude all other manufaturers from the game,and they still benefit to save space for other things like bigger battery or cooling solutions.
  8. mark28 macrumors 68000

    Jan 29, 2010
    A MBA won't be able to max out WoW. So he needs to get a 15" MBP with an ATI 6750m or ATI 6770m. ( or the ATI 7XXX when the 2012 MBP is released. )
  9. surjavarman macrumors 6502a

    Nov 24, 2007
  10. mongoose8p macrumors regular

    May 15, 2007
    Do not get the air, you need more power and a dedicated graphics card.

    (definitely get the one with highest video ram)
  11. labteov thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 8, 2012
    These are comments i can do something with.
    An air with external display doesnt work for me.. Also if ure not alot @ home i wont take an 22" screen with you all the time.. And u ever tried playin serious WoW on 13"? Dont think its fine :)

    An 17" was 1 of my options but figured an 15" is just fine.(not lower than that)
    WoW should be able to support ultra graphs and loads of addons..
    It should also be able to run the Parralels program, for some windows addons i need for playing poker..

    THen at last, should i take ssd? OR just normal? (or ata)
  12. heisenberg123 macrumors 603


    Oct 31, 2010
    Hamilton, Ontario
    my advice never go 'all in' on 5, 10 off suit

    ohh you meant mbp advice
  13. MrCaff macrumors newbie

    Nov 26, 2011
  14. samac92 macrumors 6502a

    Feb 18, 2008
    Not to be obtuse but are you sure you want a Mac? If you're going to be running Windows in parallels and gaming then maybe a Windows laptop will be better? Not to mention about 1/3 the price of the top of the line MBP.
  15. labteov thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 8, 2012
    I'm on a Windows and its sicken me.

    The addon i need for poker will be avaiable soon on MAC so then i will be able to remove parralels :)

    And yes i kinda know what i want, but im still figuring if its the best to wait for the redesign, or doessnt it really matter? Is the new ivy bridge really that much better?

    And still, should i take ssd or ata in it? Guess just ATA?
  16. theSeb macrumors 604


    Aug 10, 2010
    Poole, England
    Agreed. When I play on pokerstars I like to be on at least 4+ tables. The 1920x1200 resolution will be useful.
  17. heisenberg123 macrumors 603


    Oct 31, 2010
    Hamilton, Ontario
    since nobody knows what the new ones will have how can anyone answer your question?

    you surely do not require any more power than the current 15" so its now up to you to wait or buy now
  18. labteov thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 8, 2012
    Thats possible on a 15"..
    Also i dont play 4 tables but more around 20 so a 17" wouldnt made any difference anyway. i stack my tables i dont tile them :)
  19. surjavarman macrumors 6502a

    Nov 24, 2007
    On 17" you can probably stack the same amount of tables but they will be larger and more clearly. And if you use any tracking software that will be immensely helpful as it reduces the clutter a bit so you'll have more overview of whats happening.

    But really if you are playing that many tables might as well get a dual screen setup. I am assuming you will be using a mouse cause no way will you be fast enough with the trackpad. Well if you are using a mouse, you'll most likely be sitting at a desk. A desk means you can use dual monitors. Not a great investment to go for a MBP in my opinion with your playing style.
  20. labteov thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 8, 2012

    I've always played on my laptop in bed with the trackpad, and sometimes i used a mouse :) And im not sitting on a desk, i will more in the future due to my study/work so i will get an 2nd screen by then but for now i just want a strong laptop.. So guessing the 2.4ghz MBP 15" would just do fine or indeed the 17" wich is like 300E expensiver.
  21. labteov thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 8, 2012
    Im getting the 15" 2.2ghz version just a normal version no ssd or such a thing..

    think it will do just fine!
  22. Augure macrumors regular

    Sep 3, 2009
    I have a Macbook Air: don't take the Macbook Air. You can't play ***** on it.

    I heard the entry Macbook Pro 13" is enough for good horsepower. Either that or the entry Macbook Pro 15" that is only one in the lower range, equipped with a dedicated graphic card.

    Or wait for the new ones.
  23. bill-p macrumors 68000

    Jul 23, 2011
    Seriously, as soon as you mentioned WoW, the Air is already out.

    It's a decent computer, but WoW, being the light game that it is, actually requires more processor horsepower than the Air can handle comfortably.
  24. labteov thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 8, 2012
    I'm kinda done waiting for the new ones.. All it maby has:

    Better cpu makes it a little faster at the most. Better battery, i dont really care about im using the chargers always anyway..
    Maby the redesign, wich mwah doesnt concern me really, cause i like the mbp's as they are now altho an MBP with MBA looks would be nice, but dont see that happenin.

    and the retina display maby, wich is the only thing because it would make it look so much better, but i dont really need it..

    Altho i also dont really need an mac:D but i want 1..
  25. SDAVE macrumors 68040


    Jun 16, 2007
    Cash to blow.

    Seems like a $400 Windows laptop will be fine for what he does.

    Save the extra $1200 and invest in your poker games.

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