MacBook Pro SuperDrive makes a loud noise when booting up.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Wiejeben, Aug 20, 2011.

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    You know when you start up your MacBook Pro (And I think any Mac with a SuperDrive does this), it makes a nice and a not at all loud sound when booting up? To me it always gave me the feeling like: YES thats the sound of my Mac working properly.

    But one day it suddenly wouldn't accept any disks anymore (Music CDs, DVDs.. Original music CDs or self burned photo albums etc.) it all got ejected after I hear it trying to spin the disk 3 times.

    I didn't know what was going on and this happened within 2 months after I had purchased my MacBook Pro, so I went back to the Apple Premium Reseller where I bought it and toke all the papers with me and my MacBook Pro. At the store they tried putting in a Mac OS X Snow Leopard installation disk but it ejected also! They agreed there was something technically wrong with my MacBook Pro so they send it away for repair without it costing me anything because it was still in my 90 days blablabla...

    After a never ending 2 weeks of using my old and crappy Windows desktop I received an email that said I can come pick it up... And so I did, just before it closed I came in! I showed the papers and the worker went to the back to pick it up and came with a iWorks installation disk to show me it was working... The store was a little loud so I accepted the repair, signed the papers.. the guy turned my Mac off the wrong way and didn't even know you'd need to press and hold the ejection key to eject the disk etc. etc. kind of a bad service I'd say, lol he just pressed and hold my power button!!!

    After I came home, I turned it on and the first thing I noticed was the loud sound of my MacBook Pro :S:S It was already after 6 o'clock (Thats the time they close), so decided to just live with it.

    After not going to the store and didn't wanna go without my Mac for another 2 weeks and at the same time I was afraid they will do something to extend the reparation time so I'd need to pay them because it's not in the 90 days blablabla...

    2 months later it still annoys me, every single day... lol
    Going to replace my HDD with an hybrid HDD... might want to disconnect the cable to the SuperDrive because the only down side would be that I cannot insert a disk, which I rearly do. (USB sticks and iTunes (L) :p)

    Are there any people that are familiar with this problem and might know a solution? I do not have Apple Care.

    The Netherlands

    Just thinking: Why doesn't Apple add an option to let it not check the SuperDrive at startup by default... Because I think the main reason why made that sound was for when your Mac OS X corrupts or whatever... But now with Mac OS X Lion theres no need for it checking the SuperDrive anymore because you can restore Lion by pressing something+R :p
    Uploaded how loud mine is... the speaker of my MacBook Pro 13 inch 2011 was at loudest. (to compare).. To me the sound of my SuperDrive is about the same loud as the Mac OS X boot up sound at loudest..
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    I think you are saying the drive is working now, but still makes a noise at startup. That is normal. Whether it's excessive, or not, I obviously can't say. In a quiet room, it's distracting, but not at a level that's all that different than the startup chime. I guess, you could compare it with another MacBook/MBP.

    One suggestion I have is to just leave the Mac on. Just close the lid when you're done, and open (waken) when you're ready to use it again. Unless it's going to be sleeping for an extended period while on battery, there's really no reason to shutdown/restart a Mac. Not only do you get rid of the SuperDrive sound and chime, but the machine is ready to use within seconds.

    I seldom restart mine - usually only when necessary for an update or if I need to startup on a different volume. It can be easily be weeks between restarts.
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    I like to start with a fresh Mac everyday, I always uncheck "Open Windows at start up" - or something (Set my Mac to Dutch). I know Macs are great with managing ram but to me is putting it on standby gives me kind of a bad feeling...

    Thank you very much for your tips, maybe one day I'll put my Mac on standby when I got so sleep.

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