MacBook Pro w/ new SSD - Reboot after Wake-up or power connection


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Sep 22, 2019
Vienna, Austria
A few weeks ago I had the built-in 256 GB SSD in my MBP Mid-2014 replaced with a 960 GB SSD from Transcend. So far everything works very well. But since the installation, it happens again and again that the MacBook restarts when it is closed in hibernation, or at the moment when it is unfolded and should wake up.
When it reboots like this, it's pretty slow, so only a further manual reboot helps to get everything running smoothly again.

Did a few tests. The new SSD is indeed recognized and works fine except for the reboots.
The disk utility initially said, "Snapshot is invalid. The volume ... could not be verified completely."
After that I deleted the local Time Machine snapshots using a Terminal command.
Then I started the Mac in single mode and entered / sbin / fsck -fy
But it seems that nothing could be repaired. The following first aid check in the disk utility showed: "Input / output error ... fsroot tree is invalid The volume ... could not be verified completely."
A recovery mode scan results in error VDH002 ("There may be a problem with a storage device.")

Do you have any solution? Thanks in advance!!


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Sep 21, 2014
Take a look here. I recently installed an SSD from this outfit in my late 2013 MacBookPro. Maybe something here outlined on their support page can help you out.


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Dec 7, 2011
I'd be really worried about that Input / Output error. Usually, that is a sign of a hardware issue. SSD could be defective?