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Apr 12, 2001

Apple yesterday released macOS Big Sur version 11.1, with headline new features including AirPods Max support, privacy labels in the Mac App Store, a dedicated Apple TV+ tab in the TV app, and the ability to edit ProRAW photos in the Photos app.


Another notable change mentioned in the update's release notes is the ability for iPhone and iPad apps with non-resizable windows to enter full-screen mode on Macs with the M1 chip, which is particularly useful for video apps like HBO Max. macOS 11.1 also allows iPhone and iPad app windows to be switched between landscape and portrait orientations.

As noted by The 8-Bit, users on Reddit have confirmed that full-screen mode works as expected with games like XCOM and Tropico.

It is only possible to run iPhone and iPad apps on Macs with the M1 chip, which shares the same Arm architecture as A-series chips in the iPhone and iPad. Mobile apps are labeled with "Designed for iPhone" or "Designed for iPad" in the Mac App Store.

Article Link: macOS Big Sur 11.1 Enables Full-Screen iPhone and iPad Apps on M1 Macs


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Jul 17, 2002
Central Texas
Apple can't get developers to take the time to create universal binaries for their iOS apps until they give them a reason to. They are closer to that now as they tweak the OS to accommodate the iOS apps better. Customers will be asking for their favorite iOS apps to have full mac OS support we should see developers tweak their apps so they have a great interface on any device they are on. Ultimately that is a good goal for apple to have all their apps be mac apps of some sort. And Apple will have to do the same with their own apps as well. But Apple will also need to release an iPad pro that can run mac apps if they want developers to really take that ball and run with it. Running iOS apps on mac is not enough to create an entirely new profitable ecosystem for app development. Right now it just looks like developers are doing Apple a favor instead of Apple not having many M1 compatible apps on launch day. I hope this is not some sort of stop gap and its a real long term strategy to unify the OS's so all devices are called Macs some day. Even if I had to buy a dock it would be cool to pull out my phone and use it as a computer hooked up to a mouse and keyboard. They are becoming powerful enough to accomplish this every year.


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Oct 31, 2017
Can someone tell me how to exit full screen mode when in clamshell mode? The ESC button does noting. The only way I've been able to close a full screen universal app is to open the clamshell and multi swipe on the trackpad. Theres gotta be a better way right?
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Oct 3, 2019
All of the features of the update this should have been the highlight feature, and we had to dig into the release notes for this?!
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Nov 11, 2005
wait, didn't they say that ios apps will run on macs with big sur? i'm still not seeing that, and this is mentioning the m1 macs too...


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Nov 11, 2005
Yes, any M1 Mac can download and install iOS/iPadOS apps from the App Store, if the developer has allowed it, since the M1 machines have been released
interesting, i guess i completely missed the m1 reference when this feature was first announced. makes sense that this doesn't work on my 2015 mba :))


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Jul 18, 2010
Does it fix the signature issue in mail?

Nothing says off topic more than this post. Thread is about full screen iOS games on the M1 Mac. ?

Really? The article was about a new Big Sur release. Asking questions about possible fixes is squarely on topic!

Let's not be Scrooges about people's inquiries, especially at the holidays and after the year we've all had! :cool:


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Jan 20, 2012
Would have grabbed a M1 Mini if it went on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, only the older stuff saw a Apple Gift Card, which isn't that exciting anyway. I'll stick to my PS5 for gaming thanks.


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Jun 21, 2006
I have never said to myself, "Hey, I really want to play fruit ninja-an app designed for a phone-on my M1 Mac."
Ios apps have surprisingly been my favorite feature. This is awesome because lack of full screen was a bummer. Some games work well others not so much, but theres more than fruit ninja out there. Facebook messenger is a great add
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