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Apr 12, 2001

Apple released macOS Monterey to the public in the fall, and the new desktop OS brings a whole slew of useful new features and changes to apps like Safari, Maps, FaceTime, Notes, Photos, Messages, and more.

Beyond the headline features, Apple has also made numerous tweaks and changes to macOS that aim to make the time you spend using your Mac‌ more efficient, more functional, and more enjoyable. To that end, we've pulled out 40 additions and improvements to Monterey, some of which may have gone under your radar, and we've highlighted 20 of them in the video up above. Keep reading to refresh your memory or perhaps learn something new.

1. Click to Save Photos in Messages

There's a good chance you'll want to save the photos you receive in the Messages app to your Photos library, and macOS Monterey makes this easier than ever.


You no longer have to right-click or open the image (or stack of images) to save it. Simply click the Save to Photos button to the right of the image instead.

2. Change Mouse Pointer Color

Apple has made it possible to change the color of the mouse pointer from the standard white outline and black fill, to pretty much any color combination you want.


To do so, go to System Preferences -> Accessibility, then click Display (under "Vision") in the left column. Click the Pointer tab in the window of options, and you'll find Pointer outline color and Pointer fill color settings. Click the color swatch to choose a custom color from the palette that appears. You can always click Reset to revert to the default colors.

3. Manage APFS Snapshots in Disk Utility

In the macOS Disk Utility app, you now have access to individual APFS drive snapshots. An APFS snapshot is a read-only copy of its parent APFS volume, taken at a particular moment in time, and you can maintain these snapshots and copy items from them, provided you know what you're doing (see Disk Utility's Help menu for more).


To view them as a list, simply select a volume and choose View -> Show APFS Snapshots from the menu bar. The fixed order list shows you the name, creation date, and cumulative size of each snapshot, while the most recent snapshot has a partition symbol beside its "Tidemark." Select a snapshot from the list and you can right-click or use the ellipsis button at the bottom left corner of the list to mount the snapshot, rename it, and delete it.

4. Test Network Quality

It's now possible to measure the quality of your Mac's internet connection directly from within macOS. Simply open a Terminal window and type networkQuality into the command prompt.


After a short while, you'll have an upload/download measurement, along with the number of "flows" (test packets) used for the responsiveness (network round trips) test. The upload/download capacity is roughly the same result metric you get from online internet speed tools like Speedtest by Ookla, although it tests upload and download concurrently rather than sequentially.

5. Protect Mail Activity

In the Mail app, a new feature called Mail Privacy Protection prevents senders from using invisible pixels to collect information about you. It does this by preventing senders from knowing when you open their email, and masks your IP address so that it can't be linked to your other online activity or used to determine your location.


To turn on the feature in Mail, select Mail -> Preferences... in the menu bar, click the Privacy tab, and then check the box next to Protect Mail Activity. If you leave it disabled, you can still independently opt to Hide IP address and Block All Remote Content.
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Article Link: macOS Monterey: 40 Tips, Tricks, and Features You Might Have Missed


Jun 28, 2018
Regarding the "Resumable copy". Does this work for files as well as folders? The article implies it does, but in my experience, copying folders is resumable but a single large file doesn't allow resumption. Is this just on my system, or are others finding the same?
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Sep 25, 2018
Been on Monterey public beta since July, been very stable for and now that the tap to click is fixed, I am really happy. Still need to check these tips out.
And I’m now thinking about upgrading my iMac over Xmas break from Big Sur to Monterey

szw-mapple fan

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Jul 28, 2012
For 23, I remember being able to use offline enhanced dictation as far back as Mavericks. What’s new here?

Edit: found an old macrumors article talking about Mavericks features with offline dictation.


macrumors regular
Jun 11, 2018
Another improvement worth mentioning: Time Machine functionality, speed and stability is significantly improved In Monterey running smoothly over ethernet on my Mac Mini M1 to my Synology DS218j NAS. At last - thank you Apple!


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May 10, 2012
A lot of these features look very useful, but I have no trust that Apple won't decide to scrap any or all of them in favor of some new fad-of-the-month design that ends up hiding them, breaking them, or getting rid of them altogether..

I used to consume "tips and tricks" articles like candy and be among the first to try new features, but I'm no longer sure it's worth the investment of time given Apple's fickle ways.


Jul 30, 2015
DC / Baltimore / Northeast
I know I'm going to sound like a Scrooge, but I really hate this new operating system every year thing. It's really only a convenient way to make more expensive Macs obsolete. I can only imagine how new Mac Pro users feel. it's like having the rug pulled out from under you in short order. Intel support is going to disappear quite soon I'll bet. Your $10,000 purchase is simply not good enough for Apple. I still see the combination of yearly operating system changes, soon Intel support gone, and Apple silicon is gong to cause a wave of people moving to Windows sadly. I won't be one of them, but I see it happening. I just don't like the constant lack of stability in the Apple ecosystem.


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Jan 15, 2015
What is "network quality"? I tried it. It did not match what I get with a speed test app I have. It is a big difference.


Jan 13, 2020
can't miss all the memory leaks including safari.

Maybe it is fixed cause I stopped upgrading?

But seems like an awful lot of bugs are not being addressed.

Windows 11 fixes and improves things on a weekly basis. every Tuesday a new and better build is released.

My fear is APPLE will leave us INTEL Mac users with our last version of macOS full of bugs

And Next version will be fixed and made better for APPLE silicon Macs as a way of saying screw you intel Mac users, upgrade to APPLE silicon or be left behind. resistance is futile
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May 16, 2015
I just don't like the constant lack of stability in the Apple ecosystem.
I don’t like either, and this is probably part of the reason gaming in macOS doesn’t really exist. You can consider this the price apple users implicitly agreed to pay when they use apple devices: no legacy stuff, no backwards compatibility.
Yet somehow, macOS still manages to be just as buggy and frustrating to use as Linux.


macrumors G5
Jun 27, 2007
My least favorite "feature" is how laggy Safari is now. It's literally terrible and I can't figure out what is going on. Seconds pass by before it registers clicks, sometimes it doesn't register clicks at all, and scrolling is sometimes updated at seconds per frame, not frames per second.

For context, I have an 8-core i9-9900K, 64GB RAM, Vega 48 8GB. It's no M1 Max but it's plenty beefy. Have switched back to using Chrome for the first time in years and it's completely normal and fluid and great. I just hate using Google crap along with the hit to battery life, but I primarily use a desktop nowadays so it's ok. However, I'm already missing all the Safari integrations, from iCloud tabs, to autofill from messages for text codes, to my hundreds of stored passwords in Keychain, to Apple Pay.

Was hoping to investigate this more over the weekend to figure out the cause, but the weather is gonna be so freaking nice for December that I don't think I will! Anyone here have any thoughts about this or find a solution for themselves? Is this common or no?
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