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Apr 12, 2001

This was my first year attending Macworld as the "MacRumors guy." It was a great experience overall and I was also able to experience the Keynote in all its glory. I think this T-Shirt sums up the week best:


After a whirlwind week, we've put together this small report on the trip, and highlighted some other interesting products shown at Macworld. Obviously, the iPhone commanded the most attention from the event. Beyond that, the following products/companies are mentioned in this report, and may be of interest to readers:

- George by Chestnut Hill Sound - iPod speaker with a future
- Hookup Lanyard by Lenntek Coorporation - iPod + Cellphone integration
- Modbook by Axiotron - First tablet Mac
- Glance by Glance Networks - Screen sharing tool, now on Mac
- Toast 8 by Roxio - disc burning, now with Tivo2Go

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Aug 30, 2004
Thanks arn. I'm curious, having been on national TV twice now, did people on the convention floor recognize you on sight?


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Jun 24, 2004
eat, sleep, and mac, huh? in reverse order, of course.. (once you swap eat and sleep)


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Jan 12, 2006
Leeds, UK
Mmm the modbook looks like everything I hoped it would be. (though not as pretty as i'd hoped, but hell.. It's a very good looking hack anyway!)

If I had the money (and a good reason!) I'd be all over it.. Working in Photoshop most of the time, and using Synergy shared keyboard/monitor setup i really dont need my MB keyboard too often.

It'd be great if they sold so well that Apple rethought their tablet strategy.. Not likely though. :(


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Apr 18, 2006
Excellent article. I have no doubt that the "buzz" was the omitting of Leopard and iLife/iWork (as well-mentioned in other threads on MacRumors) at the Keynote speech. Maybe it will the the year of "Next Tuesdays":rolleyes: Oh wait....that was last year:D

And what does Apple & MacWorld mean "Not a media outlet".:mad: I would bet money that many news affiliates checked MacRumors about the ongoings of what may (or maynot) be released from Apple before going to MWSF (Good job on the interview Arn!).


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Mar 16, 2006
Sarasota, Florida
I think they're just jealous that we continually beat them out in traffic. ;)

I would add that what I like about MacRumors is the enthusiastic and positive attitude to all things Apple. Some sites dwell on the problems and negative things they can rake up and often exaggerate tiny negative comments. I read MacRumors every day to be informed about Apple products as i am sure many others do to. Apple should welcome you guys with open arms you are a huge positive force for the Apple faithful. Keep it up :)


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Oct 4, 2003
London, UK
same old...

Toast 8 seems to be very similar to Toast 7...

They do seem to have pre-empted the 10.5 UI though (remember the rumours that it will be black?)



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Oct 14, 2005
I am actually very excited about Toast 8 as I have been without a nice burning program on my Intel MBP. Probably silly, but I am only installing universal programs onto it. Come one MTR, you can do it.

Great MacWorld coverage!!!! No doubt the best yet, keep it up!
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