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    Jan 13, 2003
    Ok, I've been thinking about this for a few months now. Mac Rumors is getting a little boring anymore. I use to stop by all the time to see whats going on. Back then the news was flowing. All sorts of things to talk about. All we get now is a few stories a couple times a week.

    How about turning this site into a news site as well? Mac Minute throws out 5-6 articles a day. I hate to say this but I've spent more time over there in recent months then I have here. Sometimes I go a few days without even peeking my head into

    I understand that Arn is busy doing whatever else he is doing but that doesn't mean this site is still fun. Lets bring on news, rumors, etc, into one site. Also, having links to mytunes and macbytes doesn't do the trick. Package it all into one site.

    My 2 pesos
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    I disagree, this isn't supposed to be some swiss army knife of a web site. By keeping the different aspects on their own sites you don't have to worry about rumors getting mistaken for news, and people who want song info having to dig through news stories. Its better this way. A tool for each job. Keep It Simple Stupid.
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    Jan 13, 2003
    I already have to sort through stuff to get to what I want. For example, if you click on the forums link you come to the main forum page. Just to get to this thread I have to scroll down through the mytunes and macbytes stuff. On the front page, you see the same info. I know this is placement to promote the two sites so do one of two things. Make it a rumors site completely, or add the other content. As I said before, there aren't enough rumors floating around and Arn seems preoccupied with other stuff to update the site with even half baked rumors. Since the site has had (many of times) news listed, why not just combine them both. Put a little note next to each article stating whether or not its rumor or news. Seems simple enough don't ya think?

    As I also mentioned above, by not doing this, I'm starting to spend my time at other sites more often than this one. From a web business point of view, that's not what you want to see as a site owner. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one doing this.

    Anyway, this is really something for Arn to chew on. Just trying to help out as I like this site and want to see it succeed even more.
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    That's the whole point of MacBytes. If you're bored, byte.

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    Apr 9, 2001

    thanks for the suggestion...

    well... I think the site activity comes and goes in waves. MacRumors has never been a pure "rumor" site perse. Significant Apple/industry news has always been reported as well.

    It's simply been a rather slow time for both news and rumors in the past couple of months. I think that's true for other sites, as well as MacRumors.

    We simply don't report on minor 3rd party software updates... which is what tends to fill other Mac News sites. I think this is a good thing, because most people don't care. I also don't like publishing pure opinion and speculation pieces... as everyone has an opinion... so I don't see the need to republish random internet columnists.

    Part of the "lull" is simply relative.... in that it will be hard to ramp up to the excitement that was building in the months prior to the PowerMac G5 update. That was the craziest time in this site's history... but a lot of things came together to build that excitement.

    In the past few months (since MWSF), there has been very little Apple activity, which will reflect on this site... as it tracks/follows Apple's activity closely.

    As for the "half baked" rumors.... I never like linking to clearly fabricated rumors. With the traffic that comes with this site, there is too much incentive for other sites to simply make up content to get traffic... and also people will take it seriously if published.

    anyhow... my 2 cents.


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