MacRumors Giveaway: Win a MOS Pack Backpack With Built-In Power Strip

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    For this week's giveaway, we've teamed up with MOS to give away three of its MOS Pack backpacks. The MOS Pack, which got its start on Kickstarter, features a built-in MOS Reach power strip and cable management system that allows devices stored inside to be charged using a single cord and without removing any items from the backpack.


    The MOS Pack can accommodate a MacBook (up to 15 inches), an iPhone, and an iPad all at once, with each one plugging into the power strip, which is equipped with a standard port for charging a MacBook and two USB charging ports.


    Inside the MOS Pack, cords are threaded through cable management sleeves to keep them hidden from sight, while the power strip is tucked away in a special compartment and held in place with magnets. The MOS Pack has a padded laptop sleeve, tablet sleeve, iPhone pocket, waterproof water bottle pocket, passport pocket, a padded case for glasses, and slots for pens, pencils, and other accessories.


    Available in Onyx and Slate, the MOS Pack is made from rugged nylon, with nylon infused rubber at the bottom. It has a rigid (but soft) back and foam-padded straps for comfort. While it looks slim, the MOS Pack has a 20-liter storage capacity. The MOS Pack is available for $149.95, but MOS is offering MacRumors readers a 20 percent discount.

    Three MacRumors readers will also have a chance to win a MOS Pack through our giveaway. To enter to win, use the Rafflecopter widget below and enter an email address. Email addresses will be used solely for contact purposes to reach the winner and send the prize.

    You can earn additional entries by subscribing to our weekly newsletter, subscribing to our YouTube channel, following us on Twitter, or visiting the MacRumors Facebook page. Due to the complexities of international laws regarding giveaways, only U.S. residents who are 18 years of age or older are eligible to enter.

    The contest will run from today (February 26) at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time through 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time on March 4. The winners will be chosen randomly on March 4 and will be contacted by email. The winners have 48 hours to respond and provide a shipping address before new winners are chosen. The prizes will be shipped to the winners for free.

    Article Link: MacRumors Giveaway: Win a MOS Pack Backpack With Built-In Power Strip
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    Looks cool.

    Butthurt non-'MURICANS in 3...2...1...
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  5. Aldaris, Feb 26, 2016
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    Don't bother MOS is a third rate company that uses substandard materials and methods that fall apart and their customer service is anything but.

    Ordered 4 reach cables (basically what is in this pack) they fall apart leaving exposed circuits, boards, and other electrical innards. They issued a recall over there sonic welding from the manufacturer-and customer service wouldn't exchange without exchanging emails/photos/a great deal of lube and bending over.

    Save yourself the trouble. Look elsewhere.

    update: After following the advice of cameronp and contacting, my issue has been resolved and was chalked up to some initial miscommunication.
  6. jaredMOS macrumors newbie

    Feb 26, 2016
    Hey this is Jared from MOS.

    You are right that electronics tend to give off heat, but we have made the REACH pocket on the side of the PACK so it acts as a vent to let out hot air. We've found it works effectively to keep the internal PACK temperature at safe operating temperatures.
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    Aldaris-- This is Cameron from MOS. I'm sorry to hear about the hassle of sending in an image of your broken units. If I recall correctly, we required this instead of asking for the units to be returned in the mail. Our impression was that we required significantly less than a typical brand would require for an exchange or refund by simply asking for an image, but please let me know if there's more to this story because we of course want to improve our system in any way possible.

    Also, if there's still anything a miss with your MOS order, please contact service [at] mosorganizer dot com and we'll make it right!
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    I have a competition:

    16+3 = ?

    The first correct answer wins my house & all it's contents.

    Competition only open to residents of my sod off the rest of you.
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    Do you have any rooms for rent?
  10. hctoto macrumors newbie


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    do I have to be a LEGAL resident of your house though?
  11. balamw, Feb 26, 2016
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    Received my MOS pack a few weeks ago and am more than pleased. A few coworkers already want to order one.

    Not sure what Aldaris is talking about; this thing is very high quality. Zippers and material are very nice. Their cables are excellent; best I've ever seen.

    CONS: the outlet only having one outlet and two USB ports. I want two outlets and 4 USB ports (I know, it's never enough). Other improvement: I love the look of not having an external water bottle, but it sure would be practical when on the go.

    Also, I wouldn't bother with the 1' cables, just not long enough.

    All in all, there isn't another pack I would want more. I also don't think I would ever buy any other cables too.

    One of only a couple of posts ever for me. Aldaris' post was so ridiculous, I had to jump in. GREAT PACK.
  13. d-b Suspended

    Feb 8, 2013
    "waterproof water bottle pocket"

    If there is one thing that shouldn't need to be waterproof it would be a pocket dedicated to a water bottle. One would imagine that a water bottle would be, you know, waterproof...
  14. swm macrumors regular

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  15. Jamessmooth macrumors newbie

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    Ok I'm about to bite and get one but I'm curious... I have an iPad pro and a surface 4, will those fit do you think? Specifically, I'm concerned about the iPad pro not fitting into the dedicated tablet sleeve, doesn't look big enough. I'm almost sold otherwise.
  16. AndyUnderscoreR, Feb 28, 2016
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    We're not giving feedback to MacRumours, we're giving it to MOS.

    Nothing that's ever been posted to that feedback thread has ever made the slightest bit of difference, even when I pointed out that you could add the UK (for example) after less than 2 minutes spent googling UK law.

    The only leverage we have is to inform MOS that what they will end up with after running this specific competition is 3 happy american winners, and many many more angry non-Americans. This is a lose/lose situation for MOS, and they need to know that so they don't fall into the same trap again.

    It's only when MOS and other suppliers take away the supply of prizes that MacRumours will be forced to actually take action, but that won't happen if we post in a thread that MOS won't read (and we know they didn't read it because no sane company would invite this a flood of negative comments from non US readers that always accompanies these giveaways).


    Dear Cameronp, and other MOS people

    As a potential customer, here is some advice: If you want this giveaway not to be a complete PR disaster, get on the phone to MacRumors and tell them there will be no more free backpack prizes until they put in the few minutes work required to open these competitions up more.

  17. GoCubsGo macrumors Nehalem


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    It is incredibly unfair to badger a supplier regarding a rule made by a site that is giving away their products. Even if there are no such complexities surrounding a giveaway involving those in the EU (for example), this decision comes from MR and not from any supplier. Your attempt to target the suppliers and badger them until they stop providing freebies to this site so that MR has nothing to give away and therefore takes away the possibility of pissing off "non-Americans", just seems silly. There is truth, from what I can tell, that the complaints have not brought change. Is this the fault of any supplier? Nope. There is more than enough history on this site that can support the notion that if the folks who run MR do not want to do something, they simply do not do it. It is not to say they never will.

    And really, are you really a potential customer or are you the guy that says that in hopes it puts a little more weight behind your statement?
  18. balamw Moderator


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    Have clarified my original note. General feedback on why giveaways are restricted to US only do not belong in this thread.

  19. cameronp macrumors newbie


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    (this is Cameron from MOS) haha-- that's kind of hilarious. I think we didn't message this appropriately-- we meant to communicate that the water pocket would hold virtually all moisture in if there's a waterbottle leak. We tested putting a few cups of water in the pocket and sloshed it around a bunch (OK we did a lot of other water tests too). A tiny bit of moisture was able to seep through, but in the case of an accident, we were confident that this pocket would protect your gadgets very well.

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