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Apr 12, 2001

For this week's giveaway, we've teamed up Throwboy to offer MacRumors readers a chance to win an Apple-themed t-shirt or hat. Throwboy is best known for its pillows designed to look like classic Apple products, but the company also has a line of t-shirts and a series of hats featuring designs immediately recognizable to Apple fans.


The 9:41 shirt, for example, displays the exact time that Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone, and the now-iconic time is also used regularly in Apple marketing and screenshots. A "Think Different (again)" shirt pairs the famous phrasing with rainbow coloring.


There's a "1984" design featuring a mouse pointer and Apple's iconic typeface, along with a "Command" shirt, which has the same Command logo featured on all of Apple's Macs.


Apple fans will recognize the "Hello" logo shirt in with bright, colorful letters, and the Iconic shirt, which has rainbow lettering.


For Face ID fans, Throwboy has a new "Face" shirt that uses the little icon that Apple uses to represent Face ID in the "Face ID & Passcode" section of the Settings app. It comes in either black or white, as do many of Throwboy's other shirts. The Command shirt is available in a whole rainbow of colors.


Throwboy's shirts are unisex and come in sizes ranging from XS to 4XL, with all of the shirts priced at $32.99. The t-shirts are made from 100 percent cotton and are preshrunk, and they're constructed with double stitched sleeves and hems for durability.


Hat wearers will be pleased to hear that Throwboy's t-shirt designs also come on classic baseball hats, so you can get the popular Apple-themed icons in hat form.


There's a 9:41 hat, a command hat, a "Hello" hat, and a hat with a mouse pointer to choose from, with all hats priced at $30. Hats are adjustable, and color options include black, white, and blue.


We have 15 prizes to give away to MacRumors readers, and each winner can pick out their favorite t-shirt or hat. To enter to win, use the widget below and enter an email address. Email addresses will be used solely for contact purposes to reach the winners and send the prizes. You can earn additional entries by subscribing to our weekly newsletter, subscribing to our YouTube channel, following us on Twitter, following us on Instagram, or visiting the MacRumors Facebook page.

Due to the complexities of international laws regarding giveaways, only U.S. residents who are 18 years or older, UK residents who are 18 years or older, and Canadian residents (excluding Quebec) who have reached the age of majority in their province or territory are eligible to enter. All federal, state, provincial, and/or local taxes, fees, and surcharges are the sole responsibility of the prize winner. To offer feedback or get more information on the giveaway restrictions, please refer to our Site Feedback section, as that is where discussion of the rules will be redirected.

The contest will run from today (December 31) at 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time through 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time on January 7. The winner will be chosen randomly on January 7 and will be contacted by email. The winner will have 48 hours to respond and provide a shipping address before a new winner is chosen.

Article Link: MacRumors Giveaway: Win an Apple-Themed T-Shirt or Hat From Throwboy
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Mar 7, 2007
Midwest America.
$33.00 for a 't-shirt'? No breaks for buying more than one? 'Life is good' shirts are pricey, $29.00, but they often have breaks for buying more than 2. One sale was 'buy two, get one free', and I snagged some great t-shirts. Billabong shirts, I thought, were expensive too. I still have an original Apple Hello shirt, and would pay $33 for another NOS original Apple sold shirt. Them not showing the label makes me hesitant too. Paying that much for 'just a t-shirt' means, to me, it had better be a solid brand name base shirt because it's going to have to last a long time to make it worth it.

But, on the flip side, I love that they are doing the 'original' Apple shirt look. I was so dismayed that Apple dropped their logo store. Heck, Microsoft has a logo store, and they even had a ridiculous looking bike jersey. Apple once did a bike jersey, and finding one is like finding chicken lips, and priced accordingly. At one point the campus computer store even stocked some of the Apple logo goods. They were very popular on campus.

This is more to Apple: Bring back the logo store. There is a market for it. I mean, look at Peloton. They sell out of their VERY EXPENSIVE duds quickly. *shrug* (They charge up to $54.00 for a 't-shirt', $50 for a tank top. *GULP*)

Maybe Throwboy should have a 'coupon' for MacRumours readers? Especially poor retired ones...


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Jan 6, 2004
9:41 is a thing? Come on. That's just silly. I was in the audience and would have never known what that shirt was about.

Lol, exactly. The iPhone has been out for 14 years, I watched the unveiling live, and I've never even heard the 9:41 reference until today. ??
I wonder if the people at Throwboy laugh at those who would not only spend $33 for a t-shirt, but on a t-shirt that reads "9:41" ?
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Feb 9, 2007
9:41 is a thing? Come on. That's just silly. I was in the audience and would have never known what that shirt was about.

From Scott Forstall, "We design the keynotes so that the big reveal of the product happens around 40 minutes into the presentation. When the big image of the product appears on screen, we want the time shown to be close to the actual time on the audience's watches. But we know we won't hit 40 minutes exactly."

9:41 has been prominent in Apple marketing for more than a decade now. Go look at any screenshot of iOS, iPadOS or macOS on Apple's website. 9:41. watchOS is 10:09 for analog symmetry.



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Nov 13, 2008
What is the significance of 9:41?

9:41 is a thing? Come on. That's just silly. I was in the audience and would have never known what that shirt was about.

Lol, exactly. The iPhone has been out for 14 years, I watched the unveiling live, and I've never even heard the 9:41 reference until today. ??

it has been on or referenced on nearly every Apple product, Apple stock image, or piece of marketing since.
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