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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by dogslobber, Nov 3, 2014.

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    People don't want to be blacklisted by Apple for revealing that the new model is a downgrade.
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    Yep I can't give a long honest review/opinion for fear of being attacked.
  4. Micky Do, Nov 3, 2014
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    Some interesting and valid points in the review, but there are also some I would take issue with.

    "The Mac mini isn't among the fastest Macs Apple offers, but it has enough power for people who use consumer-level software everyday. For web access, email, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, and most apps you use, the Mac mini works well."

    Yes, the 2014 Mac Mini range does have something for many general consumer level users. It could be all the computer they need for several years. For more demanding needs, get an iMac or a Mac Pro.


    "The main reason why you would consider a Mac mini is its price."

    Price is a factor, but it is certainly not the main reason the Mac Mini was my first computer when it came out in 2005. Price is probably not the main reason for many folks…..

    My main reason was wanting something easily transportable occasionally (in a backpack), but not a delicate little portable with a poky little screen to tote around on a daily basis.

    An iMac all in one was not an option….. too bulky to transport on a motorcycle, or as carry on baggage; likewise the old Mac Pro. Interestingly the current Mac Pro would qualify, but it is overkill for my simple needs.

    Being able to choose a matt screen monitor to suit my preferences was also a big factor. The glossy iMac screens don't do it for me.

    Not wanting to mess with Windows was a biggie. The original Mini came with Office for Mac, which was all I needed then. I seldom even use that now. Pages and Numbers may not have all the features of Word and Excel, but they are easier to use and have all I need.

    The Mini form fitted my needs perfectly then, and still does.

    Most Mac mini users, however, aren't interested in upgrading the computer as it gets older. It's quite possible that the standard configurations offer the performance you need three or four years later—and by then, you can simply buy a new Mac mini when you need more speed. So the ability to do your own upgrades isn't an issue for you.

    Rather a bold statement, and probably not true for many, if not most. Both my Minis were upgraded with more RAM as software needs dictated. That has risen exponentially over recent years……

    However, we may be coming to the point where more efficient OS and apps mean RAM requirements may be levelling off. Now gains in use are to be made elsewhere, such as using SSD along with USB3 or Thunderbolt external storage. Apple claim Yosemite is more efficient in its use of RAM.

    None the less, many Mini users have indeed wanted to configure / upgrade their computers to fit their changing needs / desires. That option has largely been lost with the 2014 generation of Mac Minis.
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    Tinfoil hat much? Who exactly are you concerned about?
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    If you're involved with the media Apple has shown a notable propensity to leave your organization out of the next round of release information once you post a review that's non-flattering. Call it "blacklist" or "persona non grata" if you wish but it's a valid concern.

    Of a secondary nature posting derogatory Apple feedback on a fan site such as MR invariably brings out the "can do no wrong" fans out of the woodwork also. Kind of a damned if you do and damned if you don't scenario that there's no real winner on.
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    No doubt to both comments. But I doubt strongly that the commenter I quoted is in the inner circle of any type of media organization that has anything to worry about either way. There a lot of talented tinkerers here that Apple could really care less about.
  8. crazzapple Guest

    Oct 19, 2014
    I think it says a lot about how bad apple messed this up that there are actually not very many people defending the new crappier mini. I mean... it's really impossible to defend it without coming across as a fool.
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    Mar 4, 2014
    It's actually OS X Yosemite which Apple has messed up real bad. I wonder why none of the rumor sites has this major failure on the headlines.

    Just read the user forums and customer reactions all over the internet.

    Until Apple will have seriously improved Yosemite, I won't buy more Mac hardware. Same applies to iOS hardware (WiFi bugs, hardware durability or shall I say "bendability"?).
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    Aug 4, 2011
    What has this to do with a Hardware issue?

    By the way you could *upgrade* the OSX to 10.11 but *couldn't* upgrade mini's internals
  11. crazzapple Guest

    Oct 19, 2014
    Yep, yet another reason not to give money to apple. The fact is the bulk of their business comes from the sale of their disposable idevices. OSX is a secondary concern for them. I enjoy using OSX, but in the future will be looking for an OS design for reliability that doesn't have a significant upgrade complete with show-stopping bugs every year.
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    No, not really. You're likely a consumer, I run a small company with 50+ employees. I want to buy a few dozen new Macs after the beginning of the new year, but my accountant and IT staff told me to hold off and wait for PCs and Macs with Skylake chips - far more power for about the same cash, and just a few additional months of wait time. After being educated, that's all over the interwebs - old news, evidently to me and those spreading FUD.

    Your thread title attracted me, but then I noticed it's not linked to a "review" - just tips. You need to revise the title of your thread - it's wrong. After reading up elsewhere, it seems to me that Apple's set themselves up for future design revisions, but that's not what this thread seems to be about - whining...

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