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Jul 9, 2000
Originally posted by krossfyter
wow. thats intersting jet. i wonder how much of the population makes up conservatives at berkley or cal.

is there any really conservative universities that you can spit out for me? i cant think of any. ...maybe the baptist or catholic ones...right?

besides the seminary schools, the catholic universities like notre dame and georgetown, and protestant univerities like regents university, i know of only two (in california) where i live not affiliated to a church (directly)

cal poly san luis obispo (who bought land from the church or latter day saints), where i did my first two years, was and may still be the only state or uc univerity that is conservative (but slightly conservative at most)

...and the private business university where i finished up, golden gate university (affiliated with ymca at one time), is definitely conservative and has tons of CEOs that graduated from there (former CEO of silicon graphics, former CEO of bank of america, and current president of microsoft rick belluzo and the likely replacement for bill gates as kind of windows)

but i still think berkeley and uc santa cruz are finer institutions ;-) and we know where they lean

college, in general, as you know being a college grad yourself, is not a hotbed for conservatism

but small business owners and their associations are the focal point of old guard, pro business, secular, dollars and cents republicanism

new guard religious conservatives tend to be a lot more generous towards the poor and may not have a business school bone in their body

things are changing with the gop and w's nephew, who is half mexican, is the most likely successor to w for the white house...thus securing a kennedy like fame or legacy for the bush family

the kennedy's had john, robert, and edward (all harvard) and i am sure the bush clan (yalies) have george, george jr, and george jr jr (that's what i call him)

being a democrat and minority, i may actually go out and vote for him since we need a president that could have good relations with mexico (our number one trading partner)

california is becoming hispanic and there is a racial backlash going on and someone like w's nephew would be a peace maker and make it a smooth transition

colin powell has done this already for the black community and the asians have had daniel inoye, d-hawaii, as a major role model

could you imagine, yet another george bush for president? and for you girls, like jfk jr, this bush is extremely handsome and will at least get the female vote under 30..he he


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Oct 5, 2001
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Originally posted by jefhatfield
colin powell has done this already for the black community and the asians have had daniel inoye, d-hawaii, as a major role model
Small spelling's Inouye, with a U...
I lived in Hawaii for a total of 7 years, and he was always one of the most popular/respected political figures in the state.