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Apr 12, 2001




Everyone is waiting for the keynote to start. The keynote kicks off at 9am Pacific, and we will provide live text and photo coverage at The Apple Online Store is closed for updates. will redirect to MacRumorsLive as the keynote approaches.

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Nov 10, 2006
MacWorld Predictions

Here are my 2008 "Official" MacWorld Predictions:apple:
(1 being the highest chance and 10 be the lowest chance possible)

1. We are going to see the ultra portable at macworld for sure! but what would be the specs? I think that it will come with either NAND or SSD Flash for storage (maybe BTO Option) 12in or 13.3 in screen. REALLY THIN with no optical drive (you would need external one) Also we MIGHT see a multi touch trackpad on the new laptop. I think it will take the whole bottom space and you can do multi finger gestures like the iphone but without touching the screen. Of course it will be based on the new Intel Penryn 45nm chips.

3. itunes movie rentals. It will come at macworld. The price for these rentals is still unsure. It could be anywhere from $3 - $5 per rental for about 24 hrs rental time... but we could see anywhere from 3 - 30 days rental time. It's hard to tell the price and time but it's coming at macworld. We could also see more studios jumping on board with apple to put their movies on the itunes store (Fox, Warner, Sony?)

3. Still very likely there will be a chance for some MacBook Pro updates. It will include the new Penryn based chips like the ultra portable. But can we see the multi touch trackpad with the pro is unknown but a possibility.

5. This could come true (with a middle rating "5"). "Minor" and I mean MINOR update to the iphone or ipod touch.. Software update YES!! Hardware update... Maybe the capacity of the iphone will go to 16gb and the touch at 32gb. All seems likely

6. imac updates... some what unlikely but still could come true. The last imac update was in Aug of 07 and it was a mayor update. The next update would be minor and it will likely include the Penryn chip and updated specs..

8. Also MacBook will not be updated because it just got updated in Nov. but still SLIM CHANCE

9. This is WAY out there but "could arrive at MacWorld". New iphone V.2 (version 2), iphone nano, or some sort of Brand new ipod. AHHHH. NO!

Ultra Portable Mac
Itunes Movie Rental Service
Macbook Pro's Update
Iphone software update or hardware update (software seems more likely)


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Jul 29, 2002
Vancouver, BC
I don't recall ever hearing about an overnight line for the Keynote. Is that new this year, or has the line formed the night before in previous years?

That guy in the blue Apple shirt sure looks tired.... zoned.


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Apr 26, 2005
Yay for Internet access at work!
hey, it's the little things in life. :) come on apple, release something my credit card is worth sliding for.


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Oct 16, 2007
Wiltshire, England
Ahh, luckily for us Brits it's in the evening so don't have to worry about such distractions as work... god no ;)
Though we do have to wait all of today in suspense :(
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