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Jun 22, 2020
As long as it still has the option to charge via USB-C then who cares. But it sounds like they'll take that away? Pretty funny. Right now I can charge via my dang monitor, while outputting to it!


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Mar 20, 2016
I liked MagSafe for the safety on the pre-retina MBPs, back when they were heavier. Retina ones are too light, meaning the magnet has to be very weak, meaning it always falls out accidentally. And the new MBPs are even lighter.

Also sucked having to buy those chargers with flimsy cables from Apple only, but maybe that's the point.
I still have a Retina MBP, and magsafe works perfectly.

The flimsy cable of the charger problem is independent of magsafe, Apple can make good or bad chargers regardless of magsafe or USB-C.
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Mar 20, 2016
If they're really reversing all the "mistakes" they made with the introduction of the 2016 MacBooks can we have the light up Apple logo back please?
And either get rid of the touchbar, or at least make it an option vs fn keys. Throwing in a couple of USB-A ports wouldn't hurt either!
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Jul 26, 2013
I still have a MagSafe-era Macbook Pro, but one thing I had been looking forward to when I do decide to upgrade has been USB-C charging and being able to use such a wide variety of charging devices, like powerbanks, power strips with USB-C PD ports (Anker makes some really nice ones) and so on. Requiring MagSafe for charging basically means you need a line level (120/240V) power outlet and the original Apple charging brick to charge your MacBook.

So I hope if this rumor is true and Apple brings MagSafe charging back to the MacBook, that the USB-C ports are still usable to charge with, even if it's slower.
I would think the USB-C ports would still accept USB-PD, so that they can have a one-cable connection to a monitor.

Those ports are really handy for charging without needing an inverter and a power brick. For instance, charging from 12V to USB-PD converters lets me charge a laptop in the car, or from a portable battery, or run the computer from a large external battery when out in the middle of nowhere. This is especially handy with the M1 MacBook Air, where I can get an Anker cigarette lighter plug that supplies 30 W USB-PD, which is the same power as the brick that comes with the computer.


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Jan 5, 2004
When I ordered my 2018 MacBook Pro, I simultaneously ordered one of those 3rd-party USB-C-connectors with a magnetic/detachable socket. Used it for about a year until I realized that the cable was too thin to deliver 86W to the Mac (which I should have known when intensive tasks drained the battery even when plugged in). I since switched back to the original cable.

To echo most sentiments above, I really hope that, if they do bring back MagSafe charging, it can work on both sides of the Mac (something I greatly appreciate with the current USB-C charging) and that the cable will be detachable from the power brick.
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Jul 23, 2015
Apple patented this in 2016.

View attachment 1713538

"Connector adapters that may have a MagSafe connector receptacle and a Universal Serial Bus Type-C connector insert. This may allow MagSafe chargers to be used to charge devices having Universal Serial Bus Type-C connector receptacles. This also may provide the breakaway characteristic of a MagSafe connector system for a device that does not include a MagSafe connector receptacle. Other adapters may have other types of magnetic connector receptacles and connector inserts."
Very nice. It will cost only $99. In case someone looses it, and it will, it will be another $99. Unless they buy an unapologetic Apple Magsafe Safety Case for another $99. It will be pure leather in 3 different colors. Oh, and non of it will be supplied with the new MacBooks, you know, to save the planet.


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Jun 20, 2020
Best news I have heard all day! ......I still have a 2012 MBP and the MagSafe has saved me many times over the years. It still works perfectly and also has the added bonus of allowing me to quickly see the charging status even when the system is closed.
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Sep 30, 2014
So stupid that they got rid of this! I upgraded last year and within the first week I tripped over the cord and brought my brand new Macbook Pro tumbling to the ground... This would never have happened with the MagSafe.
My robot Vac pulled my laptop off a table.

Benjamin Nabulsi

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Apr 28, 2020
As long as they keep the brick USBC so the cable going into mbp is interchangeable between usBC and megsafe 2.


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Jun 20, 2020
I hate MagSafe. It falls out all the time and the power supply is permanently connected with a cable.

I have a mid 2012 MBP with MagSafe and live with it everyday. I have NEVER had it fall out unintentionally in over 7 years of daily use. To put it simply in my case it has worked flawlessly in both a work environment as a computer engineer and at home when it was replaced at work with a newer model.

Mileage may vary but in my case MagSafe has worked perfectly and as intended.
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Aug 28, 2003
While many people realize USB C may be more convenient as more devices allow charging that way, there's nothing that can easily and universally replace the safety that came from MagSafe.

For those who do most of their computing at a regular desk, this isn't a problem.
It's about road worriers, students, and workers who sit all day in libraries, coffee shops, and couches. High school and college teachers moving from classroom to classroom all day, every day. Having the peace of mind to know your computer won't be pulled to it's death is a great relief to have.

These affordances to those who work outside of the way you do is something we used to appreciate about Apple. Thinking of someone except the office worker was why we LOVED Apple. They were the underdog and we were too because in 2004 when you said you made your living doing art or photography or video, no one understood.
Now that everyone has an iPhone and can take stellar photos and video and use Canva or Adobe Spark, us "creatives" are just as mundane as what office workers used to be, so Apple has given us a mundane laptop.

Bringing back anything charming that used to be (Magsafe, glowing apple logo, sleep light, boot sound, poof when removing something from the dock) would show Apple hasn't become a completely stodgy Fortune 100 company and realizes while Tim might not need an SD slot because he takes all his photos on iPhone, the rest of us are living in dongletown (oh how we love USBC :rolleyes:) or holding onto old devices because they make us more productive because of their features.

Amazing how different perspectives can be. You wax poetic about MagSafe and the road warrior... wanting the safety of being able to plug in anywhere and not worry about people tripping on the cord.

Um. I travel for work 20 times a year. If I am in a place I worry about people tripping on the cord, I use this thing built into my laptop called the battery. On the M1 the battery life is 20 hours. I can carry the thing around all day and not use the charger once. I appreciate the freedom of not searching for the power outlet when I walk into a room. I prefer a battery charger *I* can chose, one that is often smaller than the brick apple offered, a charger I can often use to charge my computer, phone, and watch all at the same time back in the hotel so I don't have to pack multiple charger. I prefer a charger where the cable was not attached unlike the Apple one. Want to talk about inconvenience? That power cord frayed on me while traveling and I had to interrupt my trip to find an Apple store to get another Apple brick. Finally, I prefer that the cable I use to charge can also connect to my hard drives. I prefer being able to plug in on either side of my computer.

I had magsafe. I haven't missed it once since it was replaced. I far prefer the freedom of USB-C in packing for trips.

This really doesn't make any sense. I think its a case where the rumor mongers are just wrong. I am putting my money on Apple building in a MagSafe charger for phones on the upper deck of the laptop.


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Dec 7, 2002
I thought that I'd miss MagSafe more, but I really haven't missed the charger falling out while the computer is in my lap and I have loved being able to plug the power cable into any port.
I agree that the MagSafe 2 was a major downgrade. Lost connection way too easily. Like the charging on both sides... however I’ve never used more than 3 ports at a time so I’d be happy to loose one for a new MagSafe with ridiculous charging speeds. With the work I do... even my 1yr old 15” MBP needs to remain plugged in a lot of the time as I only get about 90min on the battery. Really looking forward to m1 pro chips!!


Sep 3, 2011
Guess nobody else uses their brick to charge other USB-C devices. Yay! I’ll get to buy a MagSafe to USB-C adapter. That’ll be $29!
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