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    I use Mail to access my University of California email. We had migrated from a server called Geckomail to Office 365 several months ago. Since that time I have continued using mail, creating folders, and moving emails to those folders. Our IT guy came around to "fix" my email because he said it was still trying to access the old server. He disabled the old Mail account, and all my folders disappeared. We re-enabled it, and they came back, minus the folders I had created since the move to Office 365. He now says those folders are gone forever along with the emails and there is nothing he can do.
    Does anyone have any ideas for how the folders/emails could be recovered?
    If I restore my computer from a back up on an external hard drive, would the old emails still be there?
    Extra info: it was an IMAP account and I believe the old server has now been shut down.
    Thank you for any help!
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    your mails are stored in your user's Library, so yes, you can recover them by "importing" them in Mail.

    What OS are you using ?
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    Hi, Thanks for the info! I'm using El Capitan v. 10.11.6

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