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Oct 23, 2012
I have a MBA 11" of 2012 but I seem to have a logic board issue. yeah, it's not like anything else can be the cause, since a MBA is mainly a logic board and IO connector. It runs for about 1 minute and as soon you do anything CRAZY like running notes or calendar, it shuts down. So I thought by myself, lets get those hands dirty and put the damn thing in the oven for a basic reflow.

Apparently that did do the trick, but as many of us know this is a temporary measure and soon again, after 2 weeks the same symptoms started to take place again. I can probably do it again, and again, and again.. but it won't solve the problem in the end. I have only tried the oven reflow trick but maybe any of you has done a different approach, like with a heat-gun.

I am considering to take it to a store and to recall the cpu/gpu but considering I can buy a second hand logic board for half the price of the reballing, I am looking for different ways...
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