MBP 2012 factory reset/OS question


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Apr 13, 2017
Norwich, UK
Hi - I am selling a 2012 MBP and have just erased the hard drive and restored it to factory settings. I was using El Capitan before I wiped it, but when I restored it to the factory settings, I think it re-installed Mountain Lion. The person buying it tried it out when El Capitan was installed. Am I right in thinking that they can upgrade to El Capitan when they set up the MBP with their own Apple ID? Thanks.


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Nov 9, 2015
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They will be given the opportunity on the AppStore to upgrade to Sierra. If the buyer "purchased" (downloaded) El Capitan in the past, it will show up in their Purchased list. Otherwise, if the buyer wants to download El Capitan and they search for it on the App Store, it won't show up - an Internet search (or a search of this site) will turn up the link to the El Capitan download.