1. M

    HELP! I'm stuck after failed attempt at clean install of MacOS Catalina

    Over the years I've installed so much crapware on my computer that it just felt sluggish and contaminated to me, and I finally got up the nerve to do a clean install to start over again more 'minimalistically'. I've done clean installs many times in the past, but never on MacOS Catalina. After...
  2. J

    Stolen iPhone: is Erase iPhone worth it if lock mode is still pending?

    My iPhone was stolen Friday night - while it was unlocked and in use. Though I have a passcode, it should be noted. (Point 1: the thief could have kept it unlocked by tapping the screen) Within 20 minutes I was at a police station and a stranger let me call my device. It was now switched...
  3. T

    2010 MBP A1278 Unmounted Disk?

    Hi folks, My girlfriend is working on selling her 2010 MBP. She had an issue where it would randomly restart, so we figured we'd try to format it and then go from there. I followed Apple's instructions here. In that process, the disk was unmounted, and, with it being an older MBP, there's not...
  4. A

    Reinstalling OS, can't erase Mac HD

    TLDR; Boot from install disk for High Sierra, Disk Util won't erase MacHD inside SSD container for clean install, Installer app says Mac HD is locked, never had FileVault engaged and it doesn't show core in diskutil list. I have tried to erase Mac HD but it never moves progress bar and I have...
  5. jimcoey

    All data easily recoverable after disk utility erase on SSD

    Hello everyone, really hoping someone can help me out, i'd be very very grateful! Its come to the time to upgrade and therefore sell my old laptop. Its a mid-2012 13" macbook pro with an intel core i5 and 4gb ram. Originally it came with a 500GB hard drive but I have upgraded this myself to a...
  6. iosmike

    macmini back up on time capsule repeatedly

    Every time I erased my macmini, reinstalled and after restoring from my time capsule, the macmini will backup the total 360G again on time capsule. So now the macmini backup on time capsule already more than 700G and this time it is starting over backing up 360G. How to solve this? Thanks!
  7. M

    internal SSD: Erase process has failed.

    I just replaced my optical drive by a SSD on my MBP mid 2012. Whenever I start my mac it says that the new disc cannot be read and I'm asked whether I want to initialise or eject. No matter what I do, I cannot seem to erase the newly installed SSD. It says "Erase process has failed." I'll...
  8. I

    Can't delete/merge partitions after failed bootcamp Installation

    Hi guys, So basically I partitioned my harddrive to install Windows 10 via bootcamp but I ran into a problem. It did not install correctly. Now I can’t merge my partitions back together so I can start again. The normal way of doing this is by either deleting the bootcamp partition with...
  9. Tesla1856

    Formatting flash-drives always fails the first time

    For some reason, I have to erase and format all my flash-drives twice, because it fails the first time. It happens on all USB ports in back of Mac-Mini and with different Lexar and Verbatim USB flash-drives. Seems to always fail the first time, then completes the second time. They format on my...
  10. F

    Unable to erase new external hard drive

    I just bought an external hard drive (Silicon Power Shockproof 1T drive) as a backup drive. I want to partition half of it for Time Machine and half of it as storage. I started up Disk Utility and the partition button is grayed out. After looking through the forums, I realized I had to erase...
  11. kevinakerberg

    Resolved How do I unassociate iMac with Apple ID if unable to boot into macOS Sierra?

    Hi everyone, My iMac recently had a graphics card failure and because of that I was unable to properly restore it with a new operating system. So, I connected it to my MacBook Pro via FireWire to fully erase the drive with target disk mode. This proved successful as the Mac boots to a file...
  12. T

    MBP 2012 factory reset/OS question

    Hi - I am selling a 2012 MBP and have just erased the hard drive and restored it to factory settings. I was using El Capitan before I wiped it, but when I restored it to the factory settings, I think it re-installed Mountain Lion. The person buying it tried it out when El Capitan was...
  13. ayahiawi

    iPhone [Q] Permanently erase data..

    Hi, How can I erase my iphone data permanently so it cant be recovered? because I tried everything but the EaseUS mobisaver still can recover all the photos and the data!! I tried to Setting>General>Reset and delete/reset everything but it didnt solve the problem. I tried to fill up the...
  14. GvantsaLolua

    Can't turn on Iphone

    I was erasing the Iphone 4s and due to ow battery it shut down during restarting. After that, it doesn't turn on, doesn't let me erasing it again. Whenever I am turning it on, there is the Apple's icon, freezes the loading and turning off. Also, I can't connect it to PC. Any suggestions ?
  15. S

    Cannot delete files off of my external hard drive?

    Computer Information: MacBook Pro/ macOS Sierra Version 10.12 I have a Seagate Backup Plus Drive and it would not let me delete any files off of it. I get the following error, "The operation can’t be completed because backup items can’t be modified." I check on the "Get info" for this hard...
  16. K

    iPhone Erasing all content and settings on jailbroken iPhone 4S (iOS 8.1.2)

    Hello My wife is using my old (jailbroken) iPhone 4S, and a few weeks ago a weird problem occurred. She was trying to send an SMS/iMessage and something apparently went wrong. Apparently the problem is related to Messaging (probably iMessage) and FaceTime: neither application works at all, and...
  17. C

    I erased the wrong drive

    I want to sell my old iMac, so I tried to erase my hard drive. I started it using Internet Recovery. However, instead of selecting the SATA Internal Physical Volume, I selected the Internal Physical Disk and hit "Erase". It seems to have screwed things up. The SATA Volume is now grayed out and...
  18. Z

    permanent erase

    Which would be the best way to erase the contents of an iPhone6S+ so that no one (including Apple service) can restore any of your data?
  19. K

    I 'Erased' Hard Drive, and now I am having trouble re-installing OSX

    Ok so I created an account on here just to look for some help, I couldn't find any helpful information on Google and I am hoping one of you know more about my current problem. I booted up a 2012 Macbook into Recovery Mode and 'Erased' the Hard Drive (with Mac OS Extended Journaled and GUID...
  20. V

    Newb here. help with mac mini

    Greetings all. I have a used mac mini (few years old, shipped with maverics) that I am trying to play with and use at home in my spare time. It was used as a server and has softraid on it. When booting into recovery mode and opening disk utility (I see softraid media listed as main partition)...