Merging separate AT&T accounts into one shared plan?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MaxPower49, Sep 16, 2012.

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    How does this work? Is it allowed? I just signed for an AT&T individual plan a few days ago when I preordered my iPhone 5... so I don't even have an active AT&T line yet. If I wanted to go in with a couple of other people on a shared plan instead, would they allow me to do that? I saw something about not being able to transfer a line for the first 30 days after activating the account.
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    You can merge different accounts under one. Just call up AT&T.
    You will have to assume responsibility for that line and merge it to the other accounts family plan or create a family plan.
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    One single person will be responsible for that account. If the "main holder" does not pay the bill, you are screwed. Just be aware of what this means.
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    Not worried about that. Just wondering how it works merging 3 different accounts with one of them being brand new.
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    You're not actually merging accounts so one name is liable for all charges. You are canceling two accounts and adding two lines to one account.

    AT&T may request the imei and iccid numbers of the phones you are going to add. Each line added will cost $40 per month on the shared plan and each phone will be subject to a $36 activation fee.

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