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Apr 12, 2001


Bloomberg yesterday reported that Microsoft executive Stephen Elop claims that the company has "no current plans" to develop a version of its Office productivity suite for the iPad. Microsoft's Mike Tedesco had claimed in mid-February that the company was "looking at" the possibility of bringing Office to the iPad, but this new report suggests that any such move would be relatively far down the road, if it happens at all.
"We never say never, but we have no current plans" to develop a version of Office for the Apple iPad, Elop said. Last year Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft said it would create a version to work on Nokia Oyj's smartphones, since millions of Office users already own those devices.

An iPad edition of Office would likely be built by a unit within Microsoft's consumer business that creates versions of Office that work with Apple's Macintosh personal computers. Kristen Woody, a spokesman for that unit, says it "doesn't have anything to share at this time."
Apple has developed iPad versions of its iWork productivity applications, bringing Keynote, Pages, and Numbers priced at $9.99 each to the App Store just in time for the iPad's launch.

Article Link: Microsoft Has 'No Current Plans' for Office on iPad


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Jan 28, 2009
Not really much of a loss. Microsoft and touch technology are two things that have never worked. I'd hate to see the mess they would make of Office. :p

Anyway, if anyone is savvy to the Messenger for Mac fiasco, it would take several years for them to even put out a beta.


Apr 1, 2005
Space The Only Frontier
I don't think even the Mac BU at MS would know how to make a touch version of Office. Which is no big deal. The iPad has iWork and most heavy duty office apps will be done on a workstation/laptop.


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Jun 13, 2007
Austin, Texas
I'd imagine Microsoft's strategy would be to appear to ignore the iPad until at least next January. They want Apple's tablet competition to succeed.


Mar 23, 2006
They're still busy trying to bring the latest version to the desktop Mac. Hasn't happened in oh so long.


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Jan 18, 2002
yah right

You know they do, they just won't admit it. How could they ignore a market of millions of possible sales...
As much as I dislike the MS software, OS to productivity, Office for iPad would be useful for many, so there is a viable market. Maybe I'll buy some MS stock, not.


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Feb 23, 2010
Lagrange Point
I would like to see Open Office/Neo Office translated to the pad. I don't see it happening because of licensing reasons.

It would be nice if we could get OSS to the iPhone/iPad.

Edited to say, It has been a very long time since I have read the OSS licenses. Don't they let you publish the software without releasing the source if you don't charge? I may be wrong.


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Mar 24, 2010
That OK

do you really think Microsoft can make anything better than iwork? if they can i would like them to show us.


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Aug 22, 2007
This may be a big boost for iWork. Hopefully it will motivate Apple to improve the precision of the Word/Pages translations.

Agreed, this is actually good news. More corporations will be using the iPad and iWork on the iPad will help to level the playing field with MS Office. Tired of MS's domination with Office.


Sep 4, 2009
They're still busy trying to bring the latest version to the desktop Mac. Hasn't happened in oh so long.

If you haven't noticed, after the Windows 7 launch, there has been a total repositioning of Microsoft on mobile platforms. If anything, we are going to see a mobile edition of Office for Windows 7 tablet computers.

The iPad has taken a lot in the PC mobile space by surprise. Not only does it not use any Intel processors, the battery life is very good.


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Jun 27, 2007
3 years

That's because it will take MS about 3 years to make a knockoff of touch capable iWorks.


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Apr 29, 2008
This solidifies my change to iWork on my mac.

With the screen shots of Office 2011 leaking, I see MS has no plans to make Mac Office with a proper UI. Also Office 2008 is still a heaping pile of rubbish 2 years later, so off to a proper Mac centric office suite I go.


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Mar 19, 2010
I unlike others here actually like MS and use some of their products. The problem with Microsoft is the lack a forward thinker. They rely on the past more than not. I for one would use Word or Excel on the iPad, the problem is can Microsoft change it to make it work like Numbers or Pages (on the iPad) my guess is not.


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Apr 2, 2010
Bank on Office coming out for iPad... a couple years down the road. Microsoft is just following their script when it comes to anything Apple related these days:

1. Scoff
2. Feign high minded disinterest
3. Rush a copycat product to market after they realize all the money they're leaving on the table for Steve and Co.

I'm a little disappointed they aren't jumping on doing Office for iPad actually. As a lawyer, I (alas, regretfully) sometimes need to have pixel perfect compatibility with Office to do my work. It's not that iWork can't produce the same documents, it's that stick in the mud collegues/opposing counsel are married to Word (and even Wordperfect!) Anyway, I'm hoping the Dataviz's of the world put out something with great Word fidelity for iPad and I can continue the slow process of de-MSFT-ing my life :cool:
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