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Apr 12, 2001

Microsoft Edge has won over many users with its frequent feature updates and tight integration of Microsoft's design language with that of macOS. Underlining its commitment to continue raising the bar for the Chromium-based browser, the company today updated its feature roadmap to reflect what else is coming to Edge down the pipe.


Microsoft's "What's Next" page for Edge comes across as more of a checklist that its internal developers work from, and as such, some newly listed features, like Tab groups (coming this month) and the option to hide the titlebar (September 2021), have been known about for some time. Several previously unknown features have been revealed though, and one enterprising Reddit user has collated the new additions to the page, reproduced below.
  • Free form text boxes added to PDF documents: Starting with version 94, we are adding support for free form text boxes to PDF documents that you can use to fill in forms and add visible notes.
  • Launch PWA instead of browser with URL links: Starting in Microsoft Edge version 97, you can opt into launching the browser in a PWA rather than the full native browser.
  • Tab Groups: The ability to categorize tabs into user-defined groups helps you more effectively find, switch and manage tabs across multiple workstreams. To enable this, we are turning on tab grouping beginning with Microsoft Edge version 93.
  • Citation support added to Collections: Starting with Microsoft Edge version 95, we have improved the Collections experience, especially for students and researchers. Collections will start supporting citations and reading lists.
  • New policy to support more flexibility in Microsoft Edge startup: Beginning with Microsoft Edge version 94, enterprise administrators will have more flexibility in the options they choose in their startup policy. This will include the ability to specify the start page, add/remove additional pages, and Continue where you left off, while ensuring that the set of pages specified by policy are also opened.
  • Video Picture in Picture (PiP) from hover toolbar: Beginning in Edge version 93, it will become even easier to enter Picture in Picture (PiP) mode. When you hover over a supported video, a toolbar will appear that allows you to view that video in a PiP window.
  • Free form highlighting on PDFs: Starting in Microsoft Edge version 94, the PDF viewing and markup experience will be improved with the addition of freeform highlighters. This will allow you to highlight sections on PDFs that you may not have access to comment on as well as scanned documents.
  • Notification from web apps show as coming from the PWA: Beginning with Microsoft Edge version 94, notifications from progressive web applications PWAs will no longer show as coming from Microsoft Edge, but rather will display the name of the web app instead.
  • Hide the title bar while using Vertical Tabs: Get the extra few pixels back by hiding the browser's title bar, while in Vertical Tabs. Starting with Microsoft Edge version 93, you can go to edge://settings/appearance and under the Customize Toolbar section select the option to hide the title bar while in Vertical Tab mode.
  • Automatic translation for unknown languages: Starting in Microsoft Edge version 94, when you navigate to a page that displays in a language that is not one that you have set up as known, Microsoft Edge will automatically translate the content of the page to your primary language. We will then give you the option to return to the original page or disable further automatic translations.
  • Initial Preferences in Microsoft Edge: Deploying Microsoft Edge to your enterprise will become easier starting in version 93, with the addition of Initial preferences.
  • Improved handoff between IE mode and the modern browser: Starting with Microsoft Edge version 95, the transition between the modern browser experience and the IE mode experience will improve. Referrer headers, post data, forms data and request methods will now be forwarded properly across the two experiences.
  • Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CTE): Microsoft Edge will begin supporting an even safer browsing mode that uses hardware-dependent control flow for browser processes on supported hardware (Intel 11th Gen. or AMD Zen 3). You can disable CET by manipulating Image File Execution Options (IFEO) using group policy.
  • Family Safety: Improved protection on sites such as Families using Microsoft Family Safety will soon see improvements to Content filters. Parents will also have more peace of mind knowing filtering settings for Allowed sites and Blocked sites will be improved for sites such as to prevent children from navigating to videos that aren't allowed.
  • Family Safety: Allow many EDU sites with a single click: Families using Microsoft Family Safety will soon see improvements to Content filters. When using "Only use allowed websites" mode, parents will see an option to add a list of educational sites to the allow list with one click.
Earlier this year, Microsoft released a Kids Mode for Edge that allows children to discover the web in a fun way while limiting their access to only approved sites. Prior to that, Microsoft brought vertical tabs to Mac, sleeping tabs, a password generator, new visual themes, and more.

The browser can be downloaded from the Microsoft Edge website. Are you a fan of Edge? Let us know in the comments.

(Via XDA-Developers.)

Article Link: Microsoft Outlines New Features Coming to Edge Browser Later This Year
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Oct 8, 2007
I like Edge but one of the more recent versions has screwed up the download dialog box and it’s driving me crazy. Terrible UI design.


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Oct 26, 2014
I’m just not interested in ME on a Mac. ??‍♂️ I actually dont like needing to update my browser every five minutes.
I agree with some other posters here, and do like ME. Nice interface and very fast. Safari offers little that is better tbh, however I will stick to it when using a mac.
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Mar 9, 2016
I use edge on everything, but not sure about the battery consumption on my M1 Air in comparison with Safari.


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Feb 18, 2010
I’ve been pretty impressed by ME too! It took me by surprise but now I am considering making the switch from Safari when i return from Windows land. My main grief with Safari is that gmail doesn’t work as well there as it does in other browsers, particularly chromium ones.


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Sep 8, 2020
I like Edge but one of the more recent versions has screwed up the download dialog box and it’s driving me crazy. Terrible UI design.
CTRL-J is your friend ;)
When they add Chrome's "Mute Site" option, then I'll reconsider. Edge is better than it used to be, but I'm sick of sites constantly blaring god-awful audio at me.
You can mute tabs in Edge. I switched to Edge a long time ago :) Vertical tabs is excellent, being able to group those will be nice because pinning them isn't the same vertically.


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Jan 14, 2013
I actually like Safari, if it only worked how it's supposed to.

I very often find myself having problems with lots of websites, especially when tracking protection is enabled, while I had no such issues with Firefox and others.

Also animated gifs, webms and other content don't work properly.

Once again, if apple would just fix the bugs with it, I'd love Safari 100%.

Hoping for the new monterey version to work better.


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May 17, 2021
Edge browser updates are once per month (e.g. from v93 to v94). It updates automatically anyway so it doesn't bother you. Give it a try :)
This is emphatically false or misleading. Yes, major versions may be once a month, but almost daily it pops up to update, usually when I close the browser which is extremely annoying because then it reopens it. Also why can't it auto update in the background like crhome instead of using Microsofts trash autoupdater.

That said I use it as an alt whenever I need something that works on chrome.


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Aug 9, 2013
Yes - but not too seldom I run into websites, that do not work with Safari while chrome and Edge always work
It rarely happens to me that a website isn't rendered properly by Safari. In those cases my content blocker is almost always to blame. Disabling it for said website and reloading the page fixes it.
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