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Apr 12, 2001

Microsoft has included several redesigned emoji in Windows 10 that resemble Apple's emoji found on iPhone, iPad and Mac, including a wide range of faces and even the "sassy" information desk person (via Emojipedia). The update also includes skin tone modifiers, the middle finger, a new haircut emoji and more, although country flags are still not supported on the upcoming operating system.

Windows 10 is currently available in beta for developers and is expected to be released to the public in July. The latest version of Windows will deliver a unified experience and platform integration that will make it easy to put one device down and continue where you left off on another device. The software update will be free for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users for the first year.

Many emoji character sets have been incorporated into Unicode, resulting in the icons being standardized across multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, OS X and Windows. The exact appearance of emojis is then left up to companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Twitter to decide. In this case, Microsoft's redesigned emoji and the addition of skin tone modifiers is more uniform with Apple's collection.

Article Link: Microsoft Updates Windows 10 Emoji to Resemble Apple's Collection


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Sep 27, 2013
That comparison really shows how Apples emoji don't resemble the iOS 7 redesign at all.

Certainly not a bad thing but the looks of it :p


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Jan 5, 2012
Aren't Emoji's cross platform? So Windows, Android, OS X, iOS etc all need to have similar emoticons or what one user sends to another will be understandable?

I don't want to sent :roll eyes: and have it come through as :mad:


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May 28, 2006
First off, they don't look anywhere similar.

Secondly, they're Emoji. They're supposed to be similar so everyone knows what you're trying to say.

Third, I'm pretty sure Apple didn't invent the yellow circular face smiley.

At least they look better than Android's green robots.

Also, I hate that the FaceBook and Twitter websites force themselves to show their own custom versions instead of Apple's.


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Dec 24, 2009
So when somebody sends the "sassy teenage girl" emoji, they will see a middle aged, large haired woman winking at them as if in a commercial for some type of erectile dysfunction meds.

In all seriousness, this is why Microsoft just doesn't get it sometimes.

szw-mapple fan

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Jul 28, 2012
Looking at the MS emojis, I'm really glad Apple retained their skeumorphic ones. I really like the Windows 8/10 UI, but these flat emojis just look terrible.


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Nov 26, 2007
Yes, this. Microsoft is the only one who actually implemented it. Is it too offensive for Apple and Google?

IDK, they include the poop emoji in iOS and Android. The one in Android is particularly gross, with flies buzzing around it. The iOS one could be mistaken for chocolate ice cream or something, with its smiling face.

While we're adding offensive hand gestures, lets throw in the shocker.


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Jul 18, 2011
in before the OMG MS COPPIEZZZ aPple gunna hav a heart attack/stroke guys come in


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Mar 5, 2013
Windows XP was more similar to Snow Leopard than these emotes are to each other, and Snow Leopard isn't anything like XP. #


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Dec 14, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
Aren't Emoji's cross platform? So Windows, Android, OS X, iOS etc all need to have similar emoticons or what one user sends to another will be understandable?

I don't want to sent :roll eyes: and have it come through as :mad:

Yes, the underlying unicode character is cross-platform, but graphical operating systems are strongly encouraged to create graphical representations.


Jul 1, 2011
Hey Apple! Did you notice? Microsoft is ahead of you when it comes to "flat design"!

So make your Emoji "flat" already! Every colour shade must go! 4 bpp are enough! Heck, why not "green letters on black background" again, I hear it's all the rage amongst hipster designers these days!

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