Microsoft's HoloLens Developer Edition Launches March 30 for $3,000

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    Microsoft has announced that developers who applied to pre-order the HoloLens Development Edition will begin to receive invitations to purchase the device for $3,000, with shipments beginning on March 30 in the U.S. and Canada.

    The development kit bundles the HoloLens with a carrying case, Bluetooth 4.1 clicker, wired charger, and an extra nose piece. Microsoft technical fellow Alex Kipman said broader consumer availability remains "further down the line."


    Microsoft HoloLens is a cordless, self-contained Windows 10 holographic headset that mixes virtual reality with augmented reality.

    HoloLens has see-through holographic lenses with an advanced optical projection system to generate multi-dimensional holograms that allow you to see holographic objects in your world. The headset is also equipped with multiple sensors and a built-in camera that analyze your surrounding environment.

    The mixed-reality headset is powered by 32-bit Intel architecture and 2GB of RAM. The device also has 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, USB 2.0, 64GB internal storage, and up to three hours of battery life.

    Microsoft will be including seven new apps, games, and tools on the HoloLens, and it encourages developers to create additional experiences for the mixed reality headset leading up to its Build developer conference on March 30.

    Microsoft's augmented reality efforts precede Apple, which is rumored have a secret team of hundreds of employees working on a virtual reality headset. Our Apple VR roundup recaps the company's ambitions and competitors like Microsoft's HoloLens, Google's Cardboard, and Facebook's Oculus Rift.

    Article Link: Microsoft's HoloLens Developer Edition Launches March 30 for $3,000
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    Cool. Should be interesting to see what developers come up with. I heard that the viewing area is actually pretty small though, and if that's right, hopefully the later versions will cover the entire visual space of the eyes.
  3. Jsameds macrumors 68040

    Apr 22, 2008
    This will be fantastic when it reaches full field of view in a few years.
  4. JPLC macrumors 6502

    Dec 20, 2011
    Apple working on a VR platform, sure. But why would anyone buy a new expensive gadget when you already have a high-end display in your pocket? And thats why the next iPhone should be 4K. No need for another VR headset made by Apple. Just give us content and the best high res displays for iPhones.
  5. TallManNY macrumors 601


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    What would you be developing for? As in, who are the projected customers of the hologram programs they want developed? I assume a developer needs to do something simple like X customers will be $Y for my App, resulting in $Z for me and my team.

    I'm sure developers will buy this. I mean if I had a tech company I would totally justify dropping $3k to get this to play with. But dropping $3 million to develop a nice App? Hmm, kind of different discussion.
  6. Mr. Dee macrumors 68020

    Mr. Dee

    Dec 4, 2003
    I honestly can't see the excitement around VR yet. Maybe Apple will make it a necessity when they enter the market.
  7. downpour macrumors 6502

    Oct 20, 2009
    NEW from Microsoft's pointless gimmick division...
  8. teslo macrumors 6502a


    Jun 9, 2014
    you don't see any excitement in being able to visit anywhere in the world from your couch? immersive games/classes/hobbies? the educational implications worldwide for Google cardboard? the latter of which means there's massive potential markets that don't even include us silly westerners and our shoot-em-up proclivities.

    VR will change the world more dynamically than even TV could ever dream of.
  9. Bubba Satori Suspended

    Bubba Satori

    Feb 15, 2008
    Morning Phil.
    Can't innovate your what?
  10. DUCKofD3ATH Suspended


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    Microsoft's augmented reality is amazing. It's an exact copy of our reality except that in theirs, Clippy was a breakout success.
  11. stiligFox macrumors 65816


    Apr 24, 2009
    I'm pretty excited for the HoloLens - once it's out and inexpensive (relatively) I could see this to be rather useful. Perhaps not for gaming, but for designing and such.
  12. cicalinarrot macrumors regular


    Apr 28, 2015
  13. rfrmac macrumors member


    Dec 27, 2006
    Microsoft is now going after Apple hard in their ads. Hope Apple is watching and not spending too much time on other things. VR has not done it for me so far.
  14. KdParker macrumors 601


    Oct 1, 2010
    Microsoft might be on to something, but that sure is a steep price to find out.
  15. ghost187 macrumors 6502a


    Mar 18, 2010
    Gotta admit, Samsung Gear VR will be so much more successful than all of the competition combined this year. With a $99 price point, wireless bulk free setup, ability to take it and use it anywhere, plus it has an optional VR camera to make your own content, it's just so much more accessible for everyone.
  16. 2457282 Suspended

    Dec 6, 2012
    Totally Agree! I also saw the new Samsung phone and the headset that it attaches to that will give you VR as well. I just do not get it yet. AR maybe, but VR? I mean I am sure there are some use cases (i mean other than games), but to me AR has a ton of use cases that I am would love to see hit the mainstream.
  17. TheHorrorNerd macrumors regular

    Feb 25, 2015
    Reads story...
    Checks address bar at top to verify still on MacRumors...
  18. acegreen, Feb 29, 2016
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    acegreen macrumors regular


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    Oh man I would love to
    Ah the same line in EVERY article that is not directly about Apple. Again MacRumors is a gadget news site even if it has just 'Mac' in its name. According to your definition it wouldn't cover even iPhone. I think thats ludicrous but hey you got me to reply so bravo, I guess I'm the idiot here.

    This article covers a potential new category of gadgets that may directly impact Apple/Mac, so it makes sense to cover it.

    I wish MacRumors staff would punish this waste of space.
  19. Jsameds macrumors 68040

    Apr 22, 2008

    Lol, there are a lot of pointless gimmicks out there and this really isn't one of them.
  20. The Chosen One macrumors member

    Dec 15, 2015
  21. downpour, Feb 29, 2016
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    downpour macrumors 6502

    Oct 20, 2009
    This device really won't offer anything like the same experience as "visiting anywhere in the world". A more accurate description of its capabilities would be making little 3D characters sort of look like they are sitting on your furniture...

    The problem is anything that requires the user to wear strange glasses or any other kind of contraption on their head will never last beyond the: "wow I've got to try this new toy" stage... which usually lasts a couple of months at best, before the device becomes a dust collector.

    Sure hardcore geeks will insist on using it a little longer, but even they will get bored eventually.

    VR/Augmented reality will probably be reasonably popular on the next generation of games consoles, but I imagine it will suffer the same fate as the Wii and 3D televisions before it.

    Expect VR to make another comeback some time in the 2030's when someone figures out how to stream reality directly into your brain, without you having to look an extra from Lawnmower man. ;-)

    It's good Microsoft are trying out new things, but nobody yet has been able to come up with another true game-changer since multitouch started the smartphone and tablet revolution. The next one will probably be something to do with cheap high-capacity memory, long-lasting battery technology, or long-range wireless power. Hopefully one of these will come along sooner rather than later.
  22. teslo macrumors 6502a


    Jun 9, 2014
    i've been saying this occasionally: VR could be THE Apple killer. who needs pretty devices when everybody's hooked up to VR using virtual devices that can look like anything a developer dreams up? i'd say Apple's reign as top dog could easily crumble if they don't jump on this wagon post haste. being late to the party but being refined and thoughtful may not cut it this time around.
  23. bondsbw macrumors member

    Sep 7, 2006
    I think that really is the bigger market for HoloLens and AR in general. Microsoft showed a game or two off, but most of its demos have focused on how a computer can be used to do work that isn't on a screen.
  24. oneMadRssn macrumors 601


    Sep 8, 2011
    New England
    I think the issue with VR today is that it is so anti-social. With TV, you experience something with the people sitting next to you, and you can do human things like turn to them, see their facial expressions, through empathy understand what they are feeling, and convey that similar feelings back to them, or discuss what you are seeing in real time. In VR, you are alone, and all your human to human sensory is blocked.
  25. Lemon Mac macrumors member

    Jan 20, 2016
    Predictably crummy looking. The bar has been set low enough; this should be easy for Apple to wipe the floor with.

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