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Dec 21, 2011
I did. I only used it in portrait mode and the jelly scroll drove me a bit insane.
So interesting, I’m using mine in portrait right now, scrolling up and down as fast as you please, zero jelly scroll. And being a video editor, I know the jelly effect, because I’ve had to remove it from countless shots from DSLR cameras with slow sensor readouts (which is nearly impossible to do well).

Maybe different factories, with different production tolerances? 🤷


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Dec 25, 2020
Thinking about it. Everything is too small, UI is poorly sized, not comfortable holding and writing notes, and not bright enough.
This is one of my biggest issues with Apple’s software as it stands. Everything is absurdly small other than the actual icons for programs or maybe the maps app which is admittedly fantastic.
But it really shows on a smaller device. I remember when iOS 7 came out, Safari’s URL bar just looked absurdly small, couldn’t believe it made it out of QC. Still does without adjustment.


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Jan 6, 2004
Los Angeles
Interesting, particularly the experience of writing notes. Can you expand on that a bit more? Thanks.

When holding the device in hand and writing on it, the balance is off. It doesn’t feel firm in your hand. And pressing down writing with the pencil it feels awkward and like the iPad may slip out of your hand if you press to hard. It’s not stable because the iPad is so small.
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Dec 4, 2016
I returned mine as well. The UI is so poorly optimized, everything is too small or just weirdly cramped. The messages app is hilariously bad in this way. I also felt it a bit too small for pencil note taking and pdf reading/ annotating. Finally, I miss the 120hz and screen brightness. It was wonderful to carry, less than wonderful to actually use.
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