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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by WannaApple?, Jan 28, 2010.

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    Im sure everyone knows about this, regarding the fact that not all Youtube desktop videos are available in Youtube mobile. However, there have been a few videos I have come across while on my laptop that I need to have on my phone for business. I have them saved in my YT favorites, but when I try to play them on the phone it tells me they are not available.

    So, is there anyway to get the videos that are not yet available in YT mobile onto the phone? I dont know if there is another app that I can use, if there is a way that I am missing to save the video and sync it to the phone, etc? I am jailbroken if that makes any difference for any Cydia apps, or jailbreaking options. Does anyone have any tips or ideas? Thanks
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    That's because Youtube (or Google) converts all videos into H.264 for them to be playable on the iPhone. So if you upload your video today, it might take them a while to convert it to iPhone readable format or to be available in HD if you uploaded it in HD.
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    yup not all youtube videos are available for the iphone app

    It has something to do with the encoding of the file

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