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    I have a MM i7 2.6ghz 2012 that I will build a fusion drive in wi the Apple stock 1tb drive and an OCZ Agility 3 240 gb SSD. I was thinking of emulating the Apple fusion set up to the extent I can so can any Apple fusion drive owners answer the following questions.

    1 - what bays are the SSD and the HDD in? I am guessing the HDD is in the lower bay which is the one you see under the grill when you open the base and the SSD is in the upper bay which is the one tucked right up inside.

    2 - what size do apple build their fusion drive to? I understand it is a 1tb with a 128gb SSD? If so is the drive built to use 100%. Or is it built to 1tb as advertised?

    Also I have one further question that the DIY Fusion Drive people may be able to answer.

    If I build the FD to use 100% then clearly it will use the full SSD capacity and spill over into the HDD. The capacity for sucha drive would be in my configuration something like 1.2tb. But if when I am building the fusion drive I set the size to 1tb instead of 100% then what part of what drive is sacrificed? In other words does the .2 of a tb lost come from the HDD or a bit from both? I sort of like the idea of not using 100% of the SSD and would be happy to have the FD set to 1tb if this was the case, but I am guessing if you don't use 100% in the build it is the HDD and only the HDD that is not fully utilised.

    Any thoughts?

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    1) your guess is correct I like to leave the stock drive untouched (keep the black wrapper on it.) It is easier to set machine back to stock.

    2) apples is 1.12Tb not 1 Tb

    yours will show at 1.24Tb.

    yeah you can partition the setup to 1.1Tb for example .

    As to what is not used I do not know but it is a good question. I will tell you what Right now I have a 256gb ssd with a 500 oem hdd 1 full sized partition using 756 gb. I will f with it later today. try to make the partition only 700gb

    I used to short stroke hdd raids on 1tb hdds.

    3 1tb in a raid0 were slower then 3 800gb partitions using the same 3 1tb hdds.

    Those raids were used for long backup copies of eyetv recordings.

    the 3tb raid0 could copy at 300MB/s the 2.4tb could copy at 320Mb/s

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