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    Jan 20, 2010
    first, forgive me for 2 things, my grammer and spelling (im usually have just fine grammer and spelling, but im lazy and tired tonight) and second, im not sure if this is even in the right place but o well.

    So im thinking about getting a nexus one, but one my of my biggest concerns are, is there a mobileme app for it? will there be one if there isnt one already, or will i just have to go to the website? Also, how good is the nexus one for music, and are you (whoever may be reading this who has a nexus one already) happy with it? pros? cons?
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    Since the Nexus One runs Android, all you really need for native support is an app that does that. I don't know of one. However, try searching thru the App Catalogue (or whatever its called).

    As for the rest, try reading the Gizmodo review of it.
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    Hello roflwaffle. I got my nexus one yesterday as an upgrade to my hero and its fantastic!

    As for mobileme, I'm not sure what level of access you need but for email I assume you could use the imap settings in the mail application.

    I think contacts could be synced between your Mac and Nexus by syncing both Google contacts and MobileMe contacts in your contacts app on your Mac.

    Lastly, music can be synced from iTunes by DoubleTwist or by dragging and dropping them onto the SD card. The music app works fine for me playing everything I've put on it so far.

    Am I happy with it? Yes! Its far faster than my old HTC Hero and the oled screen is amazing. No cons so far moving from my Hero.

    Despite all this, I can't help but feel you'd be better off with an iPhone seeing as you seem you use so many apple services already! What you got at the moment?
  4. Daveoc64 macrumors 601

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    MobileMe doesn't really have any Android support (unsurprisingly).

    Yes, the e-mail will work, but other than that the other features - iDisk, Gallery, Contacts and Calendar will not.

    The only thing you can do (and this should work on any phone that can send photos as an e-mail attachment) is to upload photos to MobileMe Gallery by e-mail (
  5. roflwaffle1237 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 20, 2010
    thanks ChazUK for the info, right now i have an LG shine with at&t but my plan is about to end and i might be switching to t mobile, in which case i would be getting a Nexus One, but i agree, i think i would be better off with an iphone, which is what i will get if i stay with at&t. if you run into any cons for the nexus one, please tell me about them, i want to get as much information as i can before i decide

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