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    Playing an online game is like standing on a bridge that links every country up. You get to meet people from many different countries!
    Here, I'm going to introduce you to a new game that is released in Southeast Asia this month!

    Background Information about Monster Forest
    Website: Monster Forest
    Facebook: Monster Forest Online | Facebook
    Twitter: Monster Forest (MonsterForest) on Twitter

    Monster Forest
    A fantastical world where you’ll meet thousands of mysterious creatures. Big, small, curious or cute, they are all lovable.
    As you embark on your journey in this simple yet fun Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), you can train your adorable pets with unique, customisable skills and engage in spectacular turn-based battles.
    Featuring an innovative quest system, atmospheric environments and beautiful animated scenes, Monster Forest is an inspiring and unforgettable adventure awaiting your discovery.

    Why I play Monster Forest?
    It's because of the cute pets and nice features the game has. I'll list some of the features the game has.

    Build your own farm/miniland and bring your friends to visit it! Buy your own decorations from shops or hunt them from monsters, harvest crops you find around the map during your adventure and decorate your miniland! Your farm level increases each time you do something in your farm (eg. Harvesting crops) and your popularity and prestige will increase!
    [​IMG]Popularity and prestige
    [​IMG]NPC buying food

    Start playing with a choice of 8 species of pet which varies from Human to Insects! You can change your pet’s gender at the beginning, you cannot change it’s gender or species type after confirming it! Equip your pet with hat, necklace, weapon, 2 rings, cape and belt. Your pet will upgrade to a stronger pet at a certain level!

    When you’re not in a town/village, every time you walk, there’s a possibility that wild monsters will attack you. Your character doesn’t help during the battle, only your pet attacks the creep and your character watches it.
    The PK system allows you to battle with your friends or random players around the game. Challenge them and determine who is stronger than the other!

    Guild War
    Here are some notes about declaring guild war
    1. Guild Battle has to be initiated before 19:00 everyday
    2. The Guild that initiates battle will need to be Level 10
    3. Only Guild leader can initiate Guild Battle
    4. The Guild war initiator will have to pay 300 gold Shell as request fees. The amount will be deducted from Guild funds
    5. Difference between the attacking Guild and defending Guild must not be more then 30 Levels
    6. Every Guild can only initiate Guild Battle once a day, and each Guild can only be challenged by one Guild
    7. The Guild which participated in Guild Battle is unable to declare war or initiate war on the same day
    8. Guild that lost in previous Guild Battle cannot be challenged again for the next 5 days
    Guild’s Region
    You can enter the Guild’s Region from Ammonite Port, in the Guild’s Region; you can do various Guild quests that are available, all quest done will increase your contribution points.
    Guild Administrator
    The Guild Administrator is located at Ammonite Port, you can create your own guild there or apply to join other people’s guild. Creating a guild cost 10 Gold Shell.

    Every time you login, there will be a bot detector asking you to click the different picture to login.
    You can create your own party and invite random people or friends to join your party (maximum 5 players in 1 party) When you meet a wild monster or a boss, the whole party will fight the monster/boss together and the reward will be split depending on the party leader’s choice before the battle.

    There are many quests available, the higher your level, the more quest there are available. There is the track npc/monster/boss function which allows you to find the particular npc/monster/boss for the quest. Open your quest menu and if the words are in orange, left click it and it will bring you to the npc or helps you to find the monster’s location or boss location.

    You can post your comments about this game here, but please keep negative comments to yourself
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    The Misty Mountains
    What does this game offer that other MMOs don't? Not impressed with the graphics. (oops).
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    Where is Mr. T's Nightelf Mohawk!??!

    He's wantin' to know!!
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    Looks to frappy-happy to me.

    Too much rainbows and unicorns.

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