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Jul 3, 2002
Middle Earth
I fail to see ANY value in .mac - I already pay 30 quid to my isp per month for a broadband connection (without which .mac is useless anyway), for which i get an email address, more web space, and above all, a fast connection. ooh wow! anti virus software and back up software ! is this THE only value in .mac? The cheap money grabbing trick of charging for an otherwise free email address has really left a sour taste - apple for one has lost my ongoing loyalty and advocacy -
So don't buy .mac and Apple computers. What are they actually supposed to be "concerned" because YOU don't like .mac. Be as self absorbed as you want to but there ARE other Mac users.

and dont get me started on the 'added' value of jaguar, considering as an early adopter of osX I have already spent a small fortune on a hamstrung os , only to be told that I need to pay for a point release to get the damn thing to acceptable levels of performance. iChat? iCal? these 'toys' are worth 129 notes?
You silence about the other 147 features is deafening. If you don't like the price....DON'T BUY IT.

Look on the box that comes with OS X (or at least the early adopter, buggy as hell version), it lists iTools as being an "integral part of the OS".
No better yet why don't you read the Agreement for iTools. It never said it would be around indefinitely. Integrity in my book is a two way street. And Apple has made a fair deal. It's obvious that one loses integrity if they disagree with YOUR point of view. Howerver, Apples integrity is just fine in my I guess I cancel you out don't I?

There's no doubt this will fizzle out, just like eWorld (remember that fiasco?) and Apple will end up looking like an idiot again.
Well they'd be following your lead. .mac = $99 per year...DEAL WITH IT.

The products included in .Mac may well be worth $99, the point is, WE DONT WANT THEM, JUST OUR DAMN EMAIL!
Well as of today "email" alone is not for sale.

Do you "if steve jobs told me to jump off a cliff I would do it" brigade ever stop and think about Microsoft? They were threatened with company break up for integrating web software into Windows FOR FREE. Apple are trying the same stunt FOR MONEY!
1. Microsoft must be wary of abusing it's monopoly
2. Apple doesn't add software that is difficult to delete.
3. You're making a big fool out of yourself with this inane logic.

Cant you see where this is going you idiots? How long before a large part of the functionality of osX is ONLY available in .MAC? Thats right, we have OS rental, coming soon, ON YOUR MAC. They are already saying "back up" will be part of .Mac. That is beyond scary.
Ummmmm I'll consider the source here. I can either trust Apple or listen to the raving of a madman on the Internet...boy I know which piece of advice I'm choosing:rolleyes:

I am so concerned about this, it goes beyond me simply not buying .Mac. I am telling friends to avoid apple products till this blows over.
Do they actually LISTEN to you???:confused:

Ok folks let's summarize.

Apple is not your parents.
They don't owe you anything that is not expressly written in an agreement.
If you don't like .mac...don't buy it. It's really very simple.
If your loyalty is attached to something as fickle as $10 you need to reassess your priorities.

I expect to see .mac hooks into all iapps. Choice is alway preferrable to none. I could see iMovie with .mac features to convert to mpeg4 and auto upload to your site.

This incessant wankerism must stop. It's one thing to make logical grievances but we're not your shrink nor are we here to console your hurt pride and pocketbook.

Apple will live or die based on the quality of features and services that they deliver to the MASSES. Your own self absorption and manipulation and projection of your whims and desires on your friends is disengenous and disgusting.