more print options in OS X print dialog?

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    Is there a possibility, to have more print options in the OS X print dialog?

    Specifically, I want to change quickly the layout of E-Mails, I print (font size bigger, smaller, rewrap mail, move attachments, so they print properly on one sheet instead of spreading on 4 sheets, etc)

    I was a heavy user of fineprint for Windows back then and loved especially the implemented big print preview.
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    Oct 13, 2008
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    First, did you click the triangle button next to the printer name to get the print preview and options?

    With the preview and options displayed, there's a pop-up menu just below "orientation". You'll find "layout", "paper handling", etc. there. Also, if there are any application specific settings, they'll be under the app's name.

    You can adjust the scaling, but something like font size would be in the app itself. For instance, in Mail, change the font size in the email prior to printing.

    In the lower left, you'll see another pop-up menu "PDF". From there, you can output directly to a PDF, or perform other output options.
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    Oct 13, 2008
    All these things are lootet out already.
    I need more options.

    Often, I need to print out huge mail histories for documentation and have fight tiny fonts, sentences without stop, resulting in wasted paper and alike.

    An app like fineprint for PC would be great.
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