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Sep 8, 2023
Inexplicably today all of my iXpand Flash Drive Gos (made by SanDisk) stopped properly transferring photos and vids to my Windows 10 laptop. Before this they were working fine. This device is an alternative to using cord or iCloud.

The photos are turning into HEIC files and the vids show MOV yet when playing there is no image and no audio. Also there’s no image preview in the MOV file square.

I’m using 3 different iXpands for 3 different iPhones including latest iPhone. The two older iPhones are IOS up to date. I’m guessing this 2/3 being up to date means the update didn’t cause the problem since once device didn’t update yet.

Yesterday I did reset my laptop but I don’t think that’s the cause of the problem because I tried to transfer files from iXpand to another laptop and I’m getting the same problem.

What’s the source of this problem?

The laptop? Windows? IPhone? Or the iXpand Flash Drive Gos?

This killed hours of time trying to problem solve this today. Any help is appreciated.

I’m also posting this on SanDisk forum. Same username there. Posts have to be approved there.

Thank you.


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