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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by lozanoj83, Nov 2, 2009.

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    I posted this on my facebook, but a friend of mine suggested I post it here just in case some of you wanted an opinion

    This mouse is an engineering masterpiece, the top is completely touch sensitive just like my iPhone (multitouch). Only has one button but can be programmed to support right or left clicking. It runs on two double AA batteries like the previous Mighty Mouse. One thing that is notably different from this mouse and the previous iteration is that it does not have a “nibble” on the top. That is to say there is no more clicking for the 3rd button which was underneath. Although I AM GLAD that the nibble has been removed (it was the cause of death for 5 Mighty Mice I owned) I am saddened because with it departed the middle click, which allowed me to launch dashboard. At the same time the outer button has also been removed, so now this mouse only has one physical button. Even though it only has one button now as I said before, the top is complete multitouch so their is hope for more “virtual buttons”.

    In order to use Magic Mouse you need to download drivers from Apple (I find it really weird that I have to download drivers from Apple, when they are not available in software update). So far, the only multitouch technology you can use in this mouse is scrolling in complete 360 degree rotation, and two finger swipe to go back and forth in Safari. You can scroll with momentum, which basically is like scrolling on an iPhone. However don’t get confused. This is not a trackpad. It is not designed for more than 3 fingers on the top of the mouse. Why do I say this? The mouse would loose its position on your hand, and would kind of fly away.

    As much as I like this mouse, there are some drawbacks. This is not designed with ergonomics in mind. Im quite used to this because I’ve owned almost every single Apple mouse that has come out (Hockey puck, Pro Mouse, Mighty Mouse and now Magic Mouse) since I opened my first iMac back in the day. However, this mouse is worse in that sense than before. It is more lower than the Mighty Mouse, and to grip this mouse will take some getting used to. For those of you that love ergonomics, stay clear of this mouse. At the same time we could use some more multitouch gestures to open up more programs, such as 3 finger swiping to skip a track in iTunes.

    Last word: this mouse is gorgeous, aesthetically and from an engineering standpoint. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more mice from 3rd party vendors come out with touch equipment built in. Given that this mouse only has one button, has taken away the other two, it is kind of awkward to hold and use (at first) I would give this a 4 out of 5. Just remember, if you’re looking for an ergonomic mouse... STAY AWAY, you’re hand will be glad you did.

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    Makes me want to buy it now.....:D:p +1 good review....
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    Thanks - I tend to agree with most of your review, except I find it much more comfortable than the Mighty Mouse. With the Magic Mouse, my palm and wrist are totally straight. Everyone's different, though.

    Just a note: the drivers are available through Software Update if you pair the Magic Mouse first.

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