My recent "accident"

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by msgkar03, Aug 30, 2013.

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    So, about a month ago.. I stupidly sat a bowl cereal next to my laptop.. Yes I know its my fault, I was stupid to do this, etc. etc. As you can guess what happened next, I bumped the table and the bowl tipped over and fell onto the right 1/4 of my laptop. I immediately shut it off and wiped it down as much as possible. Over the next day or two.. my keys began to stick. The next weekend I started the process of taking out each key and cleaning with alcohol .. long story short.. I got all the bad keys cleaned and now everything works great.. almost everything

    I went to put a CD in yesterday and there was a bit of resistance putting it in there.. Today I ejected it but it wouldn't come out. I ended up taking the end of a Qtip and pulling most of the cotton off. then i used that with some alcohol and used it to clean the slot.. what I found was the film that protects CDs from scratching when inserted/ejected had dried up and became stiff. The Qtip worked but I ended up having to pull out that entire film because it wasnt any good.

    My question to you all, is: Is it ok to use my laptop without that film. Im aware of the obvious concerns such as being careful not to scratch CDs..and to keep the slot away from as much dust/debris as possible. Is that really all i need to worry about? Thanks
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    For starters, I'm surprised you have the guts to use your Mac without waiting the proper time for humidity to dissipate from components.

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