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    Hey everyone. I wanted to take a moment and share something with you guys. This past weekend I was able to check a major bucket list item off my list. My girlfriend and I had the great opportunity of being able to visit San Francisco California and Cupertino/Silicon Valley all in a matter of three days.

    We started out in San Francisco on Friday. The hotel we stayed at was within walking distance of the Union Square, Apple Store. So of course that’s the first place that I went. I arrived early enough to witness the beginnings of iPhone 8 launch day. And it was nuts! People everywhere and press coverage too.


    After touring the store and Union Square location we did the typical tourist stuff you would do in San Francisco. Took in some great food, walked through Chinatown, went out to fisherman‘s wharf, and even rode a cable car. Fun stuff!

    The next morning (Saturday) we grabbed breakfast from a local French bakery. Instead of eating there we decided to drive slightly north to see the Golden Gate bridge. This was the view while eating our French pastries.


    After that it was time to make our way to Palo Alto. I always wanted to go to the Apple Store there. Being that this was one of the stores that was frequented by Steve Jobs and other Apple executives like Jony Ive. I had a plan. You see, instead of pre-ordering my new iPhone 8+, I decided I wanted to buy my new phone from the very store Steve Jobs had spent time at.


    After getting my phone and walking around downtown Palo Alto for a couple of hours. It was time to make our way to Steve’s house. This was the very first picture I took with my new iPhone.


    It’s hard to describe what it felt like being near his home and standing within just a few feet of where he lived and died. It was calming, exciting, breathtaking and overwhelming. Standing in the same place I had read so much about had me in awe.

    After leaving from there I decided the trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the garage where it all began. So off to Los Altos we went.


    After seeing the garage it was time to make my way to 1 Infinite Loop. And it was a spectacular place!


    Of course I had to buy some merchandise at the newly renovated Apple store on site. :)

    And last but certainly not least, the trip wouldn’t have been complete without getting in close proximity to Apple Park.


    The next morning (Sunday) my girlfriend and I took a couple of wine tours in the mountains above Silicon Valley. The views of the valley and mountains were breath taking while we sipped some awesome wine. Look at how huge Apple Park is!


    This was a trip that I’ll never forget!
    Thanks for reading and checking it out.
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    Vilano Beach, FL
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    Jealous! Especially of your vineyard tour!
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    SF Bay Area, California
    Awesome! I'm glad you liked it here! :D

    A lot of people visit San Francisco (for obvious reasons), but not everyone makes the effort to see Palo Alto and Los Altos (which are much closer to where I live) and it's great to see this area appreciated. Stanford is also a beautiful place to visit, if you ever get the chance.

    I's also nice to see you made it out here on a day when the view was pretty good--it can be obscured by pollution from wildfires on some days :eek:
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    Thanks for the photos of your trip. I was born and raised in Los Altos, not too far from ‘the garage’ - it was nice seeing those pics. Looks like you had great weather - and wow - you can see the hills!
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    That's the widest angle shot I've seen of Apple Park. Certainly looks big.
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    The Misty Mountains

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