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    All old school mac fans have something in common, they know others games beside Halo that was made by Bungie. Those two games are Marathon and Myth. Now you may remember Myth as one of the best RTS you have ever played and perhaps you would like to play again? Fear not! the community is still alive with about 1000 active players! Here's a copy paste from Doctor7 of a myth forum.

    What the balls is Myth?
    Myth and Myth II are real-time strategy games developed by Bungie back in their pro-Macintosh days set in a fantasy medieval time period. Myth was created by four programmers and three artists over two years. While Myth II was created with two programmers, four artists and two level designers over nine months (very impressive if you ask me). The Myth series focuses entirely on squad management rather than resource gathering as like other RTS games. Each mission you are given a finite amount of units, sometimes you are reinforced in certain missions, which you need to use as effectively as possible to succeed. Squad formation is essential to victory as well as using terrain (eg. get archers to high ground to provide a tactical advantage).

    Why the balls would I want to play a game that's over 10 years old?
    I know a few of us want to try out classic games, myself included so I think a few of us would really enjoy Myth. It was ground-breaking during its release as it was the first 3D RTS ever. On Metacritic Myth: The Fallen Lords has an overall score of 91/100 and it's sequel has a score of 88/100. Plus it's by Bungie so you can count on it having a great story and setting, Bungie style humor, the ability to save every game as a film for you (and others) to rewatch and killer multiplayer including, and probably most important of all, it features co-op single player. That's right, you can play through every single mission with a buddy. A co-op RTS, that's just bananas! Plus almost every computer ever can run it, including me on my old 400mHz iMac!

    Is there a demo I can try out?
    Absolutely. There is a Myth II demo available for Mac and for Windows to see how you like it. Here's another link to screenshots and demo.

    Where can I get a copy of Myth II?
    You can buy a copy brand new copy here but I'd suggest going on eBay and simply getting a used copy of Myth II Worlds there for cheap. GameTap also has it available for download, under Goon Recommendations as well, but then you can't play with anyone that doesn't have a GameTap version. Alternatively you can luck out like me and find a used copy at a video game store for $10.

    OK so I have Myth II and that's great but I want to play the original Myth!
    Project Magma, the group that also keeps Myth updated, has converted the entire Myth single player campaign to Myth II's engine and it is available on their website as a Myth II plugin.

    So I've done all that, now how the crap do I play over the illustrious internet machine?
    After stopped supporting Myth games a few Myth multiplayer servers popped up due to Bungie providing people with the Myth server source code (because Bungie is awesome). Currently the place to play Myth online is on, so register an account and we can get some games going.

    Where can I get every Myth, Myth II and Myth III file ever?
    Project Magma also provides the Myth file archive called The Tain which now houses tons of 3rd party maps and mods.

    Any suggestions for map and mod downloads?
    Chimera is Bungie's official expansion for Myth II which has additional single-player and multi-player stuff. Project Magma release of the entire Myth: TFL campaign is essential but you'll also want their converted Myth's multi-player maps into Myth II as Myth TFL Multiplayer Mappack. Mazzarin's Demise VI is also a popular mod that requires near perfect teamwork to complete. Aside from that, it's really up to you.

    General gameplay tips:
    - F1 and F2 control gameplay speed. When things get hairy you can slow gameplay down to 1/4 normal speed to give you a lot more control over issuing orders to everyone at once. Conversely you can save time by speeding up the game, useful for getting different groups into formation and you don't want to wait a full 2 minutes.

    - Assign groups by selecting the appropriate units and then pressing and holding ALT + (1-9) on the keyboard. It will shortly give you a confirmation message, from then on simply tap ALT + (1-9) to quickly select those units.

    - Use formations by pressing 1-9 after selecting units. Get your archers in a long line to whittle away at enemy troops, get your melee fighters on either side of your archers to mop up what's left when they move in too close for archers.

    - Molotov cocktail tossing dwarfs are great for taking down groups but the blast radius can damage your own units too. Use dwarfs wisely, one can take down tens of thrall if you use a toss and run tactic repeatedly.

    - Keep your units alive! After each kill a unit gains experience which continues throughout the singleplayer campaign! More experienced units attack faster and with greater accuracy, so keep this in mind if you need a sacrificial lamb.

    - Keep combat on your terms. Lure out enemies into your traps and avoid confrontation where possible.

    Help Myth and Myth II are both hard! I need specific help on the campaigns!
    I have uploaded PDF strategy guides that were included in the Total Codex for both Myth: The Fallen Lords and Myth II: Soulblighter. Unlike the GameFAQs guides they have text walkthroughs as well as detailed maps which provide visual reference to the suggest path you talk to complete the level as well as enemy positions. They also provide some excellent beginner information, such as unit abilities, strengths and weaknesses. They're both extremely helpful and informative.

    Anything else I might want to know?
    Installing Myth 2 off the cd on Windows XP requires you to run the setup.exe in compatibility mode for 98/ME. Otherwise you get an error at the end of the installation and nothing is actually installed.

    If, for whatever reason, you want to look at manuals for either Myth or Myth II they are now online at The Tain, uploaded by yours truly. Myth: The Fallen Lords manual and Myth II: Soulblighter manual.

    Handy Myth Websites:
    Myth WikipediaEntry has a lot more information about Myth including specific unit information, multiplayer gametypes, backstory, etc.
    Mariusnetis the place to go for multiplayer Myth and Myth II play.
    Project Magma continues to update Myth and has a number of great maps and mods.
    The Tain holds hundreds of Myth files. Including total conversions for Myth II in WWII and Civil War settings!
    Myth World Cup 2008The myth world cup is still being played to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the game!

    If you have any questions, my name on Myth is Zeph and I am part of Project Magma.
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    Personally I found the style of Myths game engine to be rather clunky and boring.

    Nonetheless, I still bought it.

    back in the "pro-macintosh" days of bungie.

    Always and forever ask yourself: "what would have happened if Halo had STAYED a Mac only game?"
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    source code?

    How do I get source code for the Myth series of games? I would love to try and port it to PSP even if it takes me a year to do it a few hours at a time...
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    I can't get Myth II to run on Mac 0S X 10.5.1 (Leopard). There doesn't seem to be an easy way of emulating Mac OS 9. I've tried using M2S V 1.6, but it requires M2S to already be installed on the machine, and Mac OS X 10.5.1 doesn't allow that. Any ideas on how to make it work?
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    sorry for reviving an ancient thread.
    cleaning up i found an old copy of Myth II, but it can't be played because newer mac do not support 'classic' environment. any suggestion on how to run it once more on 10.9?
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    Microsoft would have just skipped the Bungie-Halo franchise and would have have been free to bolster or possibly acquire the CoD franchise half a decade earlier? With Halo staying on the Apple Mac platform, MS would have needed something like CoD to push their original Xbox. Something like that.
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    Since the first post in this thread mentions Marathon, I'll say that Marathon due to the place and time of it's emergence on the Mac effected me the most of any game I've ever played, introducing me to networked arena style play. It was awesome and can still be played, but I'm not sure about multiplayer. Look here and in iTunes for iPad app.! :)

    Article I wrote for IMG:
    Old Mac Gamer: Marathon
    by Dave Peck

    The world is normal, life is good, until reality comes to a screeching halt. Feebly, I raise my arm and point. Gibberish drools from my mouth as I see a vision. The music vibrates my soul and the army choir sings- “da...da da-da-da......MARATHON”! A fleeting alien figure comes hurtling up the long corridor zapping me with electric shocks. And with just a pistol, I rise to the occasion- blam! blam! to take care of this menace. Despite my wife rolling her eyes, life just got better.

    Where am I? The Year: 1994. My Mac Performa (68030 processor) is in the shop to be upgraded to a brand new PowerMac 7100. The dark corridores of the Starship Marathon reveal themselves on the Marathon demo. Besieged with Pfhor, S’pht (no, I don’t have a speech impediment), a rogue-personality-construct named Durandal, and assorted alien critters, it could be argued that Marathon is the single most influential game series ever to grace the Mac’s desktop. With an ancestry dating back to Castle Wolfenstein, Doom, and Pathways Into Darkness, Marathon was the first good looking First Person Shooter (FPS). It had textures, atmosphere, a story, maximum action, lots of alien scum to shoot, it ran without any special graphics hardware, and Mac users had it! Although it did require a PowerPC processor. While the PC minions were drooling over Doom (the poor deluded fools), Mac users were truely blessed with a superior gaming experience.

    The first series started with little fanfare, as you arrive on the Starship Marathon. Something is terribly wrong here. And immediately you are assulted. The series is a story of heroism (yours), manipulation (Durandal’s), and target practise, lots of it as you search and explore exotic environments, search and destroy hostile aliens. The series wisked you from the vacuum of space, to planetside vistas, cool blue waters and sometimes, the bubbly green slime of the sewers. Marathon never dissapointed.

    And greater than the solo story was the J-O-Y, yes the joy of multiplayer gaming. It’s multiplayer capabilities brought gamers together for countless LAN parties. I have probably forgotten more memorable moments than I can remember, there are so many of them. I remember my amazement that 4-8 players and their computers could be syncronized in a common arena for such good-willed carnage. Grenade hopping. The Bobs running around getting in your way, while shouting “they’re everywhere!”. The pesky floating bots that collapsed in a plume of smoke. The over grown, sludge-throwing sewer rats. The easy long shots when we were all new to this game. The splat of guts on the wall after a dead-on rocket impact. The juggernauts. The insane adreniline rush of double sawed-off shotguns in a small arena.

    My list of favorite arenas is a huge one, but here are a few - Circular Death, Mutiny is Good, For a Few Shotguns More, Hata, Egan-rac, Mars Needs Women, B’rak Station, and most of the Randall Shaw (FrigidMan) maps (not already mentioned).

    This outstanding game fulfilled my gaming needs for a good 7 years. Quite a run! At the last LAN party I attended (July 2002), we broke out Marathon and gave it one last shot. And sadly, the MacOS (classic v9.2) has seemed to have left Marathon behind. No one could get decent mouse performance from it. Although the Sun is setting is Marathon, its influence and spirit lives on in games such as Unreal Tournament (with it’s Marathon Mods), Quake 3 Arena, and most significantly in the Microsoft/Bungie X-Box consol game, “Halo”, where you can still play “skull” games. I think I’m getting teary. So I’ll wrap this up by saying, “Marathon- thanks for the memories! You got me addicted to computer gaming and my wife (whom I’m still happily married to) will never forgive you.”
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    Marathon is a poor man's Doom and should not be mentioned in the same thread as Myth :)
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    Doom had no story. Marathon definitely did.

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