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    When I plan to go somewhere, usually I know 80% of the road and only need help for the last bit that I'm unsure of. I can't stop in the middle of the road and start up navigation in the middle of traffic, so I have to set it up before I leave, which means the damn thing will talk to me non stop for the first 80% of the trip even though I know that part.

    What's worse, I know which way I'm going to go, but the navigation app has no idea. It tells me to make a U turn every minute, which is very annoying when you're listening to "Make a U turn! Make a U turn! Make a U turn!" for half an hour. It's actually dangerous as my brain is getting conflicting information. Then it reroutes you at every intersection.

    The solution would be to tell the navigation app precisely which way I want to go, then there would be no conflict, but you can't do that! Because Google Maps (and I think Apple Maps too) only offers you 3 options and you have to choose one when you request directions. Usually every one of the 3 options is complete utter nonsense and if I want to go another way I can't tell it that, so I'm forced to drive for ages while having to listen to the stupid thing telling me wrong directions and to make a U turn.

    Once Google Maps routed me to take TWO BRIDGES in a city that has one river - one bridge to cross the river, then another one to get back to the side I started on, and it said it was the fastest route - seriously, how does it come up with this nonsense? No sane person would do such a thing, not even when taking Acid.

    When using Google Maps on desktop, you can fine tune the directions by dragging as many little dots around as you like. It gives you a starting point, and then you can fine tune it. However, when you got it the way you like, you can't send that exact route to your iPhone, because if you do that it only sends the start and destination points to the phone, which means you again have only 3 options to choose from and your meticulously crafted route that you did on desktop is gone.

    Am I missing something? Is there a way to send Goole Maps from desktop to iPhone exactly the way it is, and not just "approximately", including all the little "via" points I set up? How do people use this? It seems like you either go your way without navigation, or go the way navigation wants you to go, but there is no middle ground - sure I can just drive for a while and ignore the instructions and then only start listening when I no longer know where I am, but that isn't great. This is driving me nuts and I swear that deliberately ignoring navigation instructions non-stop for half an hour makes me really nervous and it's actually dangerous.

    Edit: Here's an article about how this isn't even possible, what the hell

    The comments on the article suggest other mapping apps, but I need to be able to do this on a computer, I'm not going to screw around on a tiny screen to pinpoint 10 "via" destinations. Also, I can't route to one destination, get there, then route to another destination. Many of these "destinations" are in the middle of 4 lane heavy "traffic war-zones" and there's no way I can stop anywhere anytime soon, and fiddling with your phone while driving is a terrible idea.

    I guess I'm just going to put in earplugs for the first part of the trip, then take them out as soon as I no longer know the road.
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    You can find the location and get it to the point of where it's ready to navigate but just don't start the navigation until later when you get to the point that you are unfamiliar with, at which point you can simply start navigation from that point. Starting navigation should be a matter of a few taps, so shouldn't be that much of an issue as it's about the same as turning on the radio and changing a radio station.

    Alternatively you can start it in the beginning and just mute it/disable the sound and then unmute/enable the sound it when you are at the part you are unfamiliar with.
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    Yeah I guess I'm just going to have to stick with that, to make it quicker I figured out that in Google Maps you can turn off background navigation, which means if I just lock my phone it shuts up and doesn't drain battery, so all I have to do is unlock it at some point and it just continues from where I am. It would be great if Google allowed to truly fine-tune the route though, that would make things so much easier...
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    If your iPhone is mounted in a proper position for viewing you could use Google Maps and mute the voice guidance.

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