Navy iPad2 Smart Cover, New vs Old pictures


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Jun 16, 2011
Was thinking about buying a new navy smart cover because I've never been happy with the colour of the old one. I couldn't find a comparison picture online to decide if it was worth getting. I ordered one with the black friday saving and received my new Navy Smart Cover in the mail today.

Here's a comparison

New Navy Smart Cover, Old Navy Smart Cover, Black Smart Cover (for reference)



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Apr 30, 2010
Newcastle, UK
I just got the new dark grey Smart Cover it's pretty nice. Ordered a Switcheasy Coverbuddy and had to order black as they don't have one to match the dark grey.


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Oct 17, 2011
The difference is night and day like mentioned, but I have the old blue and personally love it. I have not seen the new one in person though, so I may be swayed.


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Jan 17, 2012
When did Apple come out with new colors? I just bought a blue one about a month ago. To anyone looking to buy a smart cover, it is the get decision ever! I also have an Incase smart feather with it, but the blues are slightly different. Could this be why?


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Apr 19, 2009
They redid the covers back in October, I believe.

The PU covers got brighter, they dropped the orange, and added dark gray. The navy leather got a brightness update, as well, and all of the linings match the outside, along with feeling more like suede than the original microfiber lining.

I had a tan one but it got disgusting, so I tracked down an original navy the other day, so that it would match the navy switcheasy cover buddy I ordered.

While I think the new navy one looks better, I'm glad I found an original, as it's darker and won't show grime as easily, which was the problem with my tan, plus it's closer in color to the cover buddy.
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