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Jul 22, 2019
So I’ve been making videos for awhile now. I use FCPX on my mid 2010 iMac i7 machine. A customer asked if I could change the thumbnail of the video file I sent him. I know I can do this with dvd and Blu Ray but no idea how to do this with any other video file. I read that Apples Compressor can do this. Unfortunately I can’t update my OS to the required OS compressor needs on my Mid 2010 iMac. So Compressor is not an option for me. Is there another solution that will permanently change my video file “Poster Frame” on a video file that I share with clients?


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Jun 17, 2019
Sydney, Australia
A SOLUTION! Its simple, and free.

After having created a .mp4 or .mov file from Project in iMovie, import it into your library using Apple TV app. Go to Get Info from the three dots on the bottom right of the icon. Select Add Artwork from the Artwork tab, browse to the .jpg you want and click OK. You may need to do this twice before the file "takes".

You can even use a .png file from a screenshot taken of a paused frame from your .mp4 or .mov iMovie file.

I don't know how long this simple functionality has existed for, but its great. And I've been looking for several years now for a solution.

PS For some reason this solution doesn't work with VLC. I used to use the tvOS VLC app on my Apple 4K TV to view my iMovie-created videos but have abandoned that approach in favour of using the Computers app on the 4K TV - its far simpler than having to negotiate a login process from VLC to my iMac. And of course I can now add poster frames/thumbnails to all my movies stored in my library.
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