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Discussion in 'iMac' started by freeway29, Jun 29, 2013.

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    Hi all got a Imac 8.1 20 inch running snow leopard and my cpu fan is running flat out all the time,i got smc fan on default and done all the other resets to no luck was going to try hardware test but no luck with that as got no disk for it and not on hard drive.If anyone knows how to do the test or where to download it from or a another program that does the same thing let me know thanks.:)
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    To help with troubleshooting, I would suggest removing SMC Fan Control. It only affects minimum fan speed, so if the system requires a higher speed, it won't have any effect. IMO, it's mostly redundant, as the system will set the best speed for a good balance between cooling and noise.

    When you say you've "done all the other resets" does that include SMC?

    Check for processes chewing up CPU resources (causing high temps) using Activity Monitor. Be sure to set it to display "All Processes".

    Snow Leopard is only available on disc. I believe it's still being sold by Apple; check with other resellers too.

    Unfortunately, if the drive was erased when SL was installed, you will need to run AHT off the disc (gray one) that shipped with the machine.
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    Oct 19, 2010
    yes done the smc one and still same and the fan control is on default but reving around 3900 the other are all fine just the cpu one and temp is around 22 to 25 c so not hot.
    and I have no disks at all of snow lepard is there some other app that will do the same thing.

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