Netflix app - Kids profile + age filter doesn't block non-kids material


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Apr 8, 2010
the Netherlands
My family loves Netflix and use it almost daily. However for our 4 year old daughter I would like to see that they change the maturity filters (or at least here in the Netherlands) if you have 'Kids' profile set on maturity profile 'For little kids only' (In Dutch: peuters/kleuters) by ticking the 'Kids box + setting it to 'For little kids only'. It seems in the Netherlands everything is shown which is marked as 'AL' (suitable for all ages), however this also includes various documentaries, movies and tv shows (for teens) which are definitely not suitable for little kids at all!

To name a few:
- Chalk it up (according to iMDB PG13 so can only be watched below 13 with guidance from an adult)
- Project MC2 (according to iMDB for all ages, but these kind of series seem more to be for ages 10+)
- NaturevisionTV
- various documentaries about e.g UK royalties but also about Hitler
- Various concerts from artists like Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey..

Also the current way to remove these series in Kids profile seems a bit complicated:
1) remove filter in Kids profile to set to show all,
2) rate series/movies you don't want to see with a thumbs down
3) delete Kids history for material you don't want your kid to see
4) turn back the Kids account as actual 'Kids' account and make sure you select 'For little kids only'

..because other similar things seem to be coming back in the Kids profile because they added new things which are suitable for 'AL' (all ages). Either Netflix should be more strict in setting these 'AL' series or there should be another way to block this in the kids profile or come up with some kind of little kids filter.

I know there is an option to set a so called 'pin' parental control but that means that you have to enter a pin everytime you start a tv series/movie within all profiles (so Parents accounts). Can't this pin not be for only the Kids profile or have I overlooked something? If so would this then also block 'AL' series that aren't suitable at all for kids?

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