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  1. D

    counter that works on an Apple Watch series 6

    I am looking for an easy counting app that works on an iWatch series 6. My PT is treating my TMJ and wants me to count how many times I touch my teeth together each day. I would like something I can add as a complication on a watch face and then tap each time I want to add a "clenching." I...
  2. theapplehead

    macOS apps not updating properly

    Whenever I try to update apps on my Mac I continually face an issue. The download for the app update will begin and will reach the point of installation. Then the update hangs for a bit before restarting and installing the entire app over again. I’ve been experiencing this issue with all my Mac...
  3. phillytim

    iPhone Where did the Twitter Share extension go?

    It was always in the Share list, but seems to have disappeared over the past few months. The official Twitter app is still installed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. CourtesyTechie

    Universal Dmyst - Sync your notes and files across devices

    Hi all, In the past when I needed to get a link or a file onto another computer or phone, I would email myself or send an instant message to a friend and tell them to ignore it. This is the use case that motivated me to create my app called Dmyst! Dmyst acts like any instant messenger so you...
  5. jsh8w

    Universal Teams - Football/Soccer iOS 14 Widget

    Hello all; Teams for iOS - Football/Soccer Widget As an avid football/soccer follower; I wanted to build a widget to display relevant football data on my home screen. I've decided to release to the App Store as well and it went live today! 🎉 It's completely free so I hope a few people find it...
  6. huzi

    Large scale app crash on launch

    I experienced random app crash since last September on my iPhone 8: every time after turning on for few hours, some 3rd party apps started to crash on launch. The only common feature of these apps is that it's the first time for them to launch since turning on. Not a specific app and apps that...
  7. blizzforte

    iPad Documents app by Readdle Privacy

    Hi, when you want to connect you PC with Documents, you have to enter a code. I want to know if the connection is private or if Readdle can see the files transfered or even the whole PC and all the files while connected and transfering files. How private is the app and the connection to a PC?
  8. N

    Universal Gallery view for iCloud Drive files app

    I’m looking for an app that can let me browse my iCloud Drive files in a gallery/grid view similar to the Photos app? I like to keep my drawing reference photos on iCloud Drive so I can put them into folders and use tags to better organize them. It would be awesome if the Files app had a gallery...
  9. S

    iPad FlipKit - a flipbook animation app for iPad

    Hey everyone, I just released FlipKit, a flipbook animation app for everyone who likes to draw. As a kid, I loved to draw small post-it flipbook animations and when Apple released PencilKit with iOS 13 I started working on a small prototype to see if this would work as a fun drawing app. It...
  10. jsh8w

    Universal YouWidget for iOS - YouTube Widget

    Hello all; YouWidget for iOS - YouTube Widget Following the release of my iOS 14 Twitter Widget, Twidget; a number of users requested the same sort of functionality for YouTube. Over the last few weeks, I've been working on such a widget. The app, 'YouWidget', was released to the App Store...
  11. buttongerald

    Samsung TV, and Pink and Blue Coloring?

    Greetings all, I have an Samsung TV, the model is UN55TU8000F. It's a 55" 4K UHD HDR television. It has an app built in for Apple TV. When Lord of the Rings was released earlier in December, we decided to start buying them in the new formats. The first film played fine with zero issues after...
  12. YouHitTheJackpott

    The Shop App Notification Sound

    Hi all, I’m new to signing up for this forum, but I’ve come to this site many times to find answers. This may seem like a very odd question, but I was wondering if anyone out there knew what the Shop App uses as their main notification tone. It sounds like a pinball machine, but I’m not sure...
  13. jsh8w

    iPhone Twidget for iOS - Twitter Widget

    Hello all; Twidget for iOS - Twitter Widget A few weeks ago, I was searching the App Store for a Twitter iOS 14 widget and to my amazement, there are hardly any apps that provide this functionality. So, I decided to build one myself. The app, 'Twidget', got released to the App Store today! 🎉...
  14. A

    Apps Missing in Settings

    I have a 12 Pro running on iOS 14.2.1, and am having an issue where a few apps are not showing up in the notifications settings menu. The notifications are set to on within the app itself, but I am not receiving them. The app shows in the main settings menu, but also doesn’t have an option to...
  15. T

    How to record all system audio on a Mac without custom MIDI setup?

    How to record all system audio on a Mac without custom MIDI setup? I do not want a custom input/output channel in Audio MIDI and using Sunflower/BlackHole because of several reasons: #1 My audio volume keyboard control does not work. #2 Most VOIP apps think you have gets confused when having an...
  16. qap

    Is there a list of apps with widget support somewhere?

    If someone has a link of the apps with widget support, it would be great. Like this list for iOS 14. Thanks
  17. Z

    app design software

    What is the best App Design Software for Macs? Ive seen Balsamiq but i was wondering if Adobe has one, and if so is it handy and easy to use?
  18. S

    Any app for cataloging video clips?

    Over the years I’ve shot lots of short clips using various cameras like Panasonic, Nikon and now Fuji - that is in addition to the iPhone. I’d love to catalog them like I do with photos when I used apps for stills. What are my options? Thanks
  19. B

    iPhone How to save $65/mo. with Grate

    We are happy to announce Grate Grocery Prices & Reviews app for iOS. Grate is an app for providing real-time grocery price comparison, aggregated reviews from multiple sources as well as provides information of the ingredients on their impact on health. The goal of Grate is to simplify price...
  20. A

    iPhone Graffiti Maps-Places Traveled: Save and share all the cool places you've been

    Hey everyone! I've recently built an app called Graffiti Maps-Places Traveled. It's an application that uses the location data in the images on your phone to build spots that you can save and share with others. I'm hoping that this can be used to build a global social map where you can follow...