New AT watch purchaser - any tips/must-haves?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by wegster, Sep 11, 2016.

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    Have been in tech for 20+ years now, using MBPs for work and play for the past 10 or so, decided to hang onto my iPhone 6 until the next model after the 7 comes out but came across some $ so decided after much back and forth, to give an AW2 a try.

    The prior model didn't do much for me as it wasn't waterproof (officially), and as watch is a tool, not meant to be babied, I went with the stainless model AW2 both for the stainless case and the stronger glass. Needed to be business 'compatible' in looks, so I went with the Milanese band with it, and have a third party leather band and nightstand charger coming for it. ( )

    I use CulturedCode Things as a task mgmt app on my MBP and iPad, so will be picking that up for the phone, but beyond that - are there are true 'must have' apps etc.?
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    If you travel - my suggestion is - get an extra charge cable - first time I left without the charger spent a half day trying to find a local store that stocked a charge cable for AW. Best buy did not have, had to go to apple store.

    Also my favorite app for running / cycling / hiking is Runmeter GPS - keeps a history and can email a converted file in .TCX, GPX, .FIT and other formats. I like it because if I don't use my garmin watch i can still add the AW workout file info to Garmin Training Center / Garmin Connect.
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    @Defender2010 - there wasn't much in that thread other than 'another charger' which is a good point.
    I've got a horror story from a trip riding a motorcycle across a foreign country and somehow forgetting or losing my handlebar mount camera charger. Sooo not fun. Wasted a half day trying to locate a charger, then said screw it, and got pics until almost the last day, but was doing some serious device power on/off management on that trip. :D :D

    Adding a second charger. :)
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    I like Dark Sky. It warns you when rain will be coming. "Light rain in 15 minutes" etc. Also it gives sunrise and sunset times if you use as a watch face complication. Other weather apps are good too, but for me, if I had to choose one weather app it would be Dark Sky.

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