New Colors Rumored for iPhone 5S and Lower-Cost iPhone, Dual LED Flash for iPhone 5S?

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    Mac Otakara has released a report with new details on a number of upcoming products, including the rumored low cost iPhone, the iPhone 5S, and the iPad 5. Citing information from several different sources, the site suggests that the low cost iPhone may ship in a number of different colors and that it will begin trial production soon.

    Color choices for the low cost iPhone remain murky, as the site has heard rumors from two different sources. The first source said that the low cost iPhone will come in colors that include navy, gold orange, white, and gray, while a second source named white, pink, green, blue, and yellow orange as the available colors. A common theme, however, is that the low cost iPhone will not include a black option.

    Rendering of low cost iPhone in multiple colors

    Apple's rumored low cost iPhone is said to be targeted at emerging markets, carrying a price tag of approximately $350-$400 without subsidies. To facilitate a lower price tag, the phone is rumored to have a polycarbonate shell.

    According to Makotakara, the low cost iPhone will begin a field test production in June, which will be followed up by wide ranging production in July to accommodate a September launch. This launch date is a bit confusing, as Mac Otakara previously said that the low cost iPhone would ship in 2014.

    As for the iPhone 5S, Mac Otakara believes that it too will come in multiple colors. Previously, the site suggested that it would ship in three different colors, including the original black and white, but now says that additional colors might be offered, namely gold and green.

    The design of the iPhone 5S is rumored to be largely the same as the iPhone 5, but Mac Otakara's sources say that it will sport a dual-LED flash and that the rear microphone hole will become circular instead of pill shaped, placed between the camera and the flash. Before the launch of the iPhone 4S rumors suggested that it too might ship with a dual flash, but that did not happen.

    Rendering of iPhone 5S dual-LED flash

    Finally the site gives a small bit of information on the 5th generation iPad, suggesting that the extra hole that was seen in some iPad mini prototype cases and even an alleged iPad mini prototype will be added to the iPad 5. The hole did not make it into the final iPad mini design, but it has appeared in prototype iPad 5 cases as well, and Mac Otakara suggests that it is an additional microphone.

    While the site does not give an expected release date for the iPhone 5S, it does note that the fifth generation iPad will ship after the new iPhone. Previous rumors have suggested that the iPhone 5S will be released in September or later.

    Article Link: New Colors Rumored for iPhone 5S and Lower-Cost iPhone, Dual LED Flash for iPhone 5S?
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    Ozone Park, New York
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    Boston, MA
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    I don't like the muted weird orange personally. Also, wasn't there already a news discussion this exact thing?
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    Why is dual flash needed?

    Why not a black color?

    Isn't not painting the lower cost phone cheaper than painting, therefore lowering the cost?
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    Looks like circus peanuts.
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    Now with 2x the power of the iPhone 5 LED flash....
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    And all of you have been saying that this would be a modest update and not sport anything worth upgrading. If a dual-LED flash and a change from pill-shaped to circular-shaped microphone don't get your rocks off, I just don't know what's wrong with the world today.
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    Better be on the $300 end of things. We can already get an unlocked iPhone 4 for $450.
  11. macdude3, May 23, 2013
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    The colors are simply mockups. I am sure the actual colors will be closer to what we have already seen with the ipod nano and shuffle.
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    Low cost iPhone is such an obvious stab in the dark. I wish analysts really had some balls and said there'd be a higher cost iPhone.

    I know it's been said before, and it'll probably be said again, but it seems 90% of these 'analysts' are just pulling ideas out of their backside; not even based in any fact, just pure speculation. Most of the excellent members here on MacRumours make better guesses.
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    A gold iPhone? Seriously? Steve Jobs would never...etc.
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    iPod, and yes I agree.
  15. GoCubsGo macrumors Nehalem


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    HAH! You are absolutely right!
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    yes im sure someone who makes 2 bucks on average a day will consider an iphone as one of his priorities for 400 bucks now ... lol
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    May 23, 2011
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    Make an iPhone that looks and feels like the Gen 1 iPhone (metal, rounded, heavy) and anodise it for colours and ill have that (in silver/bare metal), rather than the 5S thank you very much
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    I don't care just fix iOS so we can do basic stuff like check which apps are using data, or be able to choose widgets on home screen etc.

    It's fine having a basic easy OS on the surface, but advanced users should be able to control more things, and utilize more sophisticated settings.
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    Crap, if there's a green iPhone, it could be a long second year for my contract. I hope it carries over to the 6.
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    macrumors apparently
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    I thought the flashes would have to be further apart from each other to actually make a difference? Someone correct me if I'm wrong as I have little understanding of the effects...

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