New Corsair 256GB SSD

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mjronline, Aug 25, 2009.

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    They use the Indix or the infamous JMicron controllers. Also, they have good sequential read/writes, but in real world its the Random (which Intel's have the best of) read/writes that counts.

    Edit - Click Me to go a thread where drives are compared in a useful chart.
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    I'd love to splurge for a 256GB SSD. I'm really waiting for more advancements and improved long-life reliability before dropping over $500.
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    Best to go to the SSD Comparison Chart here on the site... (don't have the link atm... but its on the front page).

    Basic Comparison

    Capacity: Intel offers up to 160GB atm, corsairs 256GB beats that, obviously.

    Speed: While corsair may boast about better sequential reads/writes (260mb/s read, 200+ mb/s write) intel brutally kills the corsair drive in random reads/writes which are the most common/important in everyday use.

    Thinking of purchasing a SSD? Buy an Intel 160GB X25-M. They are about $400 now.

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