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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by proeto, Mar 6, 2017.

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    Mar 6, 2017
    Hello everybody - 1st post here.
    Helping a friend with a Mac Air - no WiFi.
    Someone has previously "helped" by using Bootcamp and installing Windows 10.
    However, I find that the whole Mac OS has been removed and all the drive space used for W10 (maybe because it's only a 100Gb SSD)
    Also find on the web that there are known issues with the Broadcom drivers for W10, so no WiFI (have tried all available drivers - still get 'cannot connect to this network').

    My plan now is to reinstall OSX online - make a minimum OSX partition and a maximum Windows partition (the owner was given the Mac but wants Windows) and install Windows 7.
    As there is no Mac partition I can not get the model name or serial number etc.
    Will the online install still be able to recognise the machine and do the procedure ?
    Will I need the Users' mac ID ? - or any other info ?

    Am I taking the correct route ?
    Any info/suggestions appreciated.

    FYI I have over 25 years with Windows and networks, but a bit limited with Mac
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    Assuming that MacBook Air is capable of Internet Recovery (any 2011 model or newer, and Late 2010 models that had their EFI ROM firmware updated), yes, you're following the right path.

    Yes, the online install process will recognize the machine (serial number is in ROM).
    You'll need the user's Apple ID and password (create one, if they don't have one).

    The serial number should be marked on the underside of the MacBook Air -

    For earlier models you could boot from a Mac OS X install DVD via external DVD drive, or a bootable thumb drive with the OS X installer. You can find instructions for booting/reinstalling from DVD in the User Guides posted at the Apple web site -
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    Try following my instructions in posts #3 and #5 in this thread.

    That will get you back up and running on the OS version that came from the factory.
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    The hard drives on the MBA are small. This may not be your best solution for using Windows.
  5. proeto thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 6, 2017
    ... my thanks to you all for the info. It turns out that the young lady has come from the UK to Abu Dhabi without her Ethernet adapter !... so it's all on pause until she gets to the Apple Store.
    I appreciate the comment "... this may not be your best solution for using Windows", but I intend to remove all the bloat from W7. The Mac is only being used for mail, browsing, Skype, Word and Excel - it's basically a glorified Filofax for her.

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