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Apr 12, 2001


Image from Ars Technica
Ars Technica reports that the latest version of the iPhone OS 3.1 beta seeded to developers last week contains an updated configuration file that references two mysterious products known as "iProd0,1" and "iProd1,1". A reference to "iProd0,1" was initially spotted back in March in a version of the same configuration file in an iPhone OS 3.0 beta, but this latest reference to "iProd1,1" appears to be a new addition.
The iProd1,1 device has been assigned a new productID of 4762 (versus 4757 of iProd0,1) and assigned a different ConfigurationDescriptor of "standardMuxPTPEthernet." iPhone models also have this designation, and the additional interface identified in the plist for this configuration is "AppleUSBEthernet." The consensus here seems to be that the new device may have gained high-speed networking capabilities -- though the iPhone uses the interface to tether to a laptop to share its 3G connection.
The numerical designation on "iProd0,1" suggested that the device was simply a prototype, but the new addition of a "1,1" version of the device implies that it may now be approaching a public release.

While exactly what the "iProd" designation is referring to remains unknown, speculation of course centers on Apple's rumored tablet computer, although whether that device would run iPhone OS in some capacity or something more similar to Mac OS X is not clear. Other possibilities raised by Ars Technica include a next-generation iPod nano rumored to include a camera (although it seems doubtful that this device's operating system would be based on Phone 3.0) or Apple's fabled "iPhone nano".

References to unreleased products "iPod2,2", "iPod3,1", and "iPhone3,1" also continue to appear in the configuration file. The "iPhone2,1" device discovered in a similar manner in January eventually turned out to be the iPhone 3GS.

Article Link: New 'iProd1,1' Reference Found in iPhone OS 3.1 Beta Configuration File


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Jan 6, 2002
I cant wait until next month, I am in need of a new iPod Touch as my first gen. battery is not lasting very long anymore and my headphone port is getting worn out.


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Jul 28, 2008
Jacksonville, Fla
iProd will deliver a slight electric shock whenever anyone mentions the Google Voice debacle, Steve Jobs' health or where in the hell is MMS.


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Aug 7, 2007
Iowa, USA
Smells like a tablet to me, which I guess means it runs the iPhone OS. (I can barely believe that Apple is making a tablet, and I would hardly believe that it would run the iPhone OS as opposed to full-fledged OS X ... but I've been wrong before. :D)

What else could this be? Like the article said, it's clearly not a nano, unless they're magically switching to an OS meant for a touchscreen that's larger than the nano itself.


Sep 7, 2008
Alberta, Canada
Introducing the iProd,

The brand new totally reinvented iPod. Now featuring a revolutionary radio transmitter. Picking up both AM and FM frequencies. Yours for only 349$


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Mar 10, 2009
Smells like a tablet to me,....

Smells like a generic marker to be used for any unreleased but in product testing to me. Allows Apple to put a Touch, nano, phone, tabel, umbrella, coffee maker , etc. out there in testing onto the internet and folks won't know what it is. Or maybe it is a wifi equipped cattle prod. ;)

Apple keeps its super secret device 42 under wraps until the "surprise" event later. Or Apple keeps it predictable device 52 under wraps until the "not so suprising" event later.

Surprising Apple hadn't developed an earlier adaptation to folks "dumpster diving" through beta releases looks for new products sooner. The beta versions of the OS are going to go to folks who don't need to know. This way they don't know what it is; only that something is coming. Something new is always coming up so that is non-informative.


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Aug 4, 2009
"IProd 0,1 & 1,1

The "Pro" could mean something like iTablet Pr or iPod Pro. At this time it can be anything.


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Jul 22, 2009
Could be a tablet, could be something else. If it is a tablet, it might just as well run the iPhone OS, as I don't think snow leopard was made with touch in mind like windows 7 is.

UNLESS, it uses OSX, but a spechil mode for touch
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