New Mac viruses weekly?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by muskettimasi, Feb 22, 2017.

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    Hi! My whole family uses this mac but mostly its me and another one who knows a lot of computers. We don't download any files usually and we still get viruses almost weekly! And the viruses come to a user who uses this mac maybe once in a week and she just checks her email. Why do we get these? I run malware bytes and F-Secure SAFE everyday. Please what is this? They are usually malwares.
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    Because there's a lot of people that use Windows.

    There are no macOS viruses in the field, so at this point you can just ignore them. If it is malware, then just use precausion, although the likelyhood is that they are all also targeted solely at Windows.
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    Likely just Adware/Malware, as the user checks mail the malware is downloaded to the local computer, is then removed by Malwarebytes and the circle repeats. The user needs to identify the mail with the malicious files and delete on the mail server directly.

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    If "checks her email" is the lone way that you're getting malware detections, it'd be wise to advise her to not open emails indiscriminately, as a part of advising her on the proper use of email. Beyond that, if she regularly corresponds with someone(s) who's irresponsible with what they're sending, give the sender the same advice. If they can't/won't change their ways, then she should stop corresponding with them.

    Prior to any scanning, make sure to empty Junk Mail and any deleted items in the Mail Trash. As far as I know if a scanner detects malware in Mail, the proper way to remove it is to delete the item(s) directly from your Mail program. Empty Trash and re-scan.

    That items are detected in Mail, doesn't necessarily mean that your machine is "infected".

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