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Jan 29, 2010
The new pop-up login window doesn't work with LastPass. Using latest Chrome in latest OSX. Big pain!

Does it work with other password managers?
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Jun 8, 2007
LastPass bookmarklets with Google Chrome

A video shows how to add the LastPass bookmarklets:


There's a comment from me.

Today I can't get the fill bookmarklet to work with that browser –
2015-06-25 14-55-40 screenshot.png 2015-06-25 14-56-06 screenshot.png
– but that's probably a transient problem. I have seen the misbehaviour before – without Google Chrome, without MacRumors – no matter how many times I log in, the fill bookmarklet responds as if I'm logged out.

LastPass bookmarklets with OmniWeb

Working as expected:
2015-06-25 14-58-03 screenshot.png

LastPass for Google Chrome

2015-06-25 14-48-22 screenshot.png
Maybe something in the domain changed, after 9th June, to enable compatibility with LastPass for Google Chrome.

There's the change log, but I don't treat such things as comprehensive.
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